Monday, April 28, 2008

Thankful...List, Game, etc.

This time of the semester is sometimes really difficult for me. The last few days I have really had to put off some things, like frustration and bad, I have had to work specifically on putting on good things...Things like THANKSGIVING!! (And no, I do not mean the food focused holiday.)
One of my favorite "activities" for the last year and a half or so has been what is affectionately known in our apartment as "the Thankful Game". When we are having unedifying conversation, when we are grumpy or moody, or ANYTHING less than thankful, we play this game. It is wonderful!! We take turns saying things we are thankful for. (What a simple game!!) It doesn't have to be super spiritual, just encouraging. Some of our favorite things to be thankful for around here are (in no particular order):

Living Hope
Sonic drinks
chocolate (for the other girls)
the RED SOX rocking their games (not in the last week...)
Wise counsel

This game is so much fun, and it is much harder to sin while you are so focused on being thankful. You should all play the thankful game sometime too...

My other favorite, and the "travel companion" to the thankful game, is the individual version, the Thankful List. It's like the thankful game for one. Amazing!! So, here is my thankful list for today...

1. The Bacaks - they bless me abundantly...and they have the cutest kids EVER. Seriously, if God said stay in College Station forever, I would be totally happy as long as I have the Bacak family to hang out with. Wise counsel, love, encouragement and fun...what else could I want?

2. My roommates. I have grown so much these last nine months, so I am thankful for the experiences I have had with these girls.

3. My current/soon to be roomies - Not confusing at all. I will be retaining one current roommate and gaining one new roommate. I am excited to see what the next year will bring!

4. Summer will be here soon - By summer, I mean a short break from school before summer school and sadly, the hot weather too...

5. My super cute bedroom...Tiffany Blue, Black and White Damask...enough said!

6. Living Hope

7. My future job, working for the wonderful Dr. Bacak...

8. Clean Laundry

9. Flip-Flops and the pedicures they necessitate

10. Pretty Dishes

Yay for thankfulness!! Now to bed!!