Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!!!

Okay, it has been forever since I posted. The sad thing is, that time went by so quickly, it all just seems like a blur. If I am this busy now, I can not imagine how much busier I will be in 10 years, or even 15. Yah. Scary thought. It's a good thing I have Jesus, or I could NEVER do it. College is wonderful for making you realize how insufficient you are and how completely sufficient Christ is. For that I am thankful.

In case you didn't know, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! I am so excited. Last night I drove up to the home of the amazing Bacaks, and behold, I saw some lovely Christmas lights!! It was a joyful occasion. A few nights ago, some of my roomies and neighbors and I went to eat and after eating, we randomly ended up at Central Park's Christmas light display. It was so beautiful. There was cold weather and Christmas lights!! (Two of my most favorite things!) I was a genius and tried to carry a cup of well iced Dr.Pepper, which lead to FREEZING fingers, but that aside, it was a wonderful outing.

I have so many Christmas-related thoughts I want to relay, so I am just going to pour out whatever comes to mind, because who knows when I will be able to post again...I mean it is finals season too you know!

Number one. Everyone should read the book One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham. It is wonderful!!! If there was only book I read to my children, aside from the Bible, this would be it. I really mean that!! If you know me, you know what a big deal that is. I love books. But this one is spectacularly in a class all it's own. In the book, a lady takes in a boy lost in the woods and cares for him during a blizzard. (more snow!! great!) While caring for him, she tells him a story he has never heard before - the Christmas Story. Only this isn't your "traditional" Christmas story. This story starts before the world was formed. It is a beautiful tale of the Lord's love for and pursuit of us. It is the story of how greatly we needed a Savior, and how fully that need was met through Jesus. Go get on amazon today and buy this book!! (Except for the Bacaks b/c I want to give this to your kids for Christmas.)

Number two. My favorite Christmas tradition is something that I have learned the value of more and more over the years. Every Christmas morning, before gifts are opened, before breakfast is served, before people get dressed, everyone sits around in their pajamas, wrapped in something warm, and my Dad reads Luke 1 and 2. I love this!! It is such a beautiful reminder that this day isn't about boxes or bags, or paper or bows or how much money was spent. It is about the birth of the Savior we needed so badly. After reading Luke, we pray as a family and take time to sing a few hymns about Jesus' birth. I am so thankful that I have never had a Christmas Day where I haven't been confronted with the gospel and my need for a Savior. That there was never a day where it was all about what I got. That in taking this time to step back from the commerical ideas of Christmas,and look at what the Word says Christmas is about, the Lord speaks to my heart and I can worship him and express thanks for all the wonderful things he has done in my life.

I have run out of time, but I know I will have more Christmas related thoughts soon!! I want to know what your favorite Christmas traditions are in the meantime.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thankful List

Today I need to practice being thankful, so here's a list:

1. Jesus died for me. Best gift ever. By far.

2. Last night's Operation Christmas Child party was AMAZING!! I loved having so many wonderful ladies over! :)

3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. A break is in sight!! Praise the Lord.

4. I have great roomies

5. There is a wonderful family by the name of Bacak that I know!!!

6. My room is Tiffany blue. Excitement.

7. There is a Christmas tree up in my living room!

8. I am going to get to see two of my most favorite people in the whole world over the upcoming break!!

9. I got to sleep in today.

10. I am still wearing pajamas.

11. Gilmore girls are great.

12. What I like about you is really funny. And reminds me of Heather. (Double bonus - so many laughs)

13. I love red toe nails.

14. School will end someday. And I have the priviledge of going to school. So many don't get that.

15. It will be snowing in Boston soon. I will definately be dreaming about that A LOT.