Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snow day!!

I love snow days!! Okay, so there isn't really a snow day in TX today, but I kinda got one by windfall today. I have absolutely loved it!! Sleeping, resting, tv watching, it has been amazing!! Tonight I am going to a basketball game with friends. It will be AMAZING!! Yea!! Have a great day!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


So the few days since Wednesday have been AMAZING!!! i LOVE being done with finals. There has been much shopping, girl time, reading (for pleasure) and even a pedicure (they are the best!!) This evening I baked cookies and that was fun. The funny thing is I don't want to eat the cookies, I just wanted to bake. I think in a bit I will take a bubble bath!! :)

Okay, so I did not realize that it was possible to exist as a female without ever getting a pedicure. In the last three days, I have had at least four friends tell me that they have NEVER, I repeat never, had a pedicure. I was amazed. I know other women will agree. For the men out there, let me fill you in. Getting a good pedicure is practically a transcedental experience. Pedicures, manicures, massages and bubble baths are essential life experiences, things that keep us sane in the middle of utter insanity...for thirty minutes, you get to drop everything and the world revolves completely around you. I do not for the life of me understand how you could make it to 21 or older without having ever gotten a pedicure. At the very least, didn't you go to a prom or something?! I just wanted to tell my friends to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment ASAP. Oh well.

Christmas will be here soon and I am so excited!! I love Christmas! I just wish it would snow...In a few years I will live somewhere snowy though, so it is okay. It's a Wonderful Life is on tv...I baked today and I am relaxed. It is good. I am going to wrap the last of my Christmas gifts...Have a great night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Yea!! It is over! I am done!! I have finally finished for the semester!! Whoop! I was so sure it would never arrive. Now I can breath. I just don't know where to begin. There are so many options... Fun is like a new concept...I love it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So here are the random things floating around in my mind over the past few days....

If you don't already know, I love Christmas. Not a little, but a lot. It was starting to rain two days ago on my way to class. When I pulled into the parking garage, my windshield had the "perfect" sprinkling of little drops. Everytime I drove under a light it was amazing. It was like a million tiny twinkle lights were lighting up just for me...incredible.

Mmm...I love Oreos for sentimental reasons. My grandfather got me started on them. So I have recently changed my method of eating oreos. (if you love oreos, you know everyone has a method) I have started opening my oreo, eating half of the stuffing, eating the blank side, then eating the side with the left over stuffing. I don't know why, but this works great for me. How do you eat your oreos? And no, I don't mean with milk...(I don't like milk).

Ahh, the end of semester yuck is here. Looking forward to it ending. Really, Really looking forward to Christmas.

Today, I was driving with my sunroof open, because it is 70ish here today (sad), and all of the sudden there was this breeze that blew a bunch of leaves off the trees and of course some of them decided to visit my car...it was exciting.

Last, and most repetitively, I can not wait to move to Boston. I really really want to be there. I can't wait to live there. It will be nice to say I am done with college....

Merry Christmas!!! (I am sending out Christmas cards today!!)

P.S. I am so glad that we BEAT THE HELL OUTTA t.u. on Friday!! Whoop!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Adoption...I have known for a long time that I want to adopt. Tonight I realized that on a much more serious level. I am not at an appropriate place in my life to do that now, but I am committing to adoption in the future. It is beyond my comprehension that there is a child out there, or there will be, that was created for me to parent. I don't know how you feel about God, but as a Christian, I believe that God has a very special plan for my life. To know that he created someone for me to love, to raise, to teach is incredible. It is such a huge responsibility, such a huge blessing. I can't wait to hold the one that He made for me to love. I can't wait to be a Mommy. I know it isn't the most glamorous job, but it is truly an invaluable opportunity. There is a song called "All I Really Want" by Steven Curtis Chapman. I can't imagine that first Christmas with my child. I know there will be no way to fully express my love. I can't wait.

Mmmm life is good!

I must say right now I am loving life. On that note, here are a list of things I love (listed randomly):
1. Snow
2. Having freshly painted fingers and toes
3. Bubble baths
4. Pedicures
5. Sunny days
6. Reading for pleasure
7. Traveling
8. Shopping
9. Teaching
10. Cameron and Gage ("my" kids that I keep frequently)
11. Love Songs (even though I don't have anyone to play them for)
12. Sleeping Late
13. Boston
14. Cuddling
15. Waking up in the morning and not having to rush off and having time to lay in bed for a bit
16. Decorating
17. My friends
18. Cooking
19. Christmas
20. My family
21. Gilmore Girls (or at least seasons 1-6 of GG)
22. Pink
23. Getting gifts
24. Hot chocolate
25. Long drives on beautiful Texas roads
26. Candles
27. Children's books
28. Being Loved
29. Saying 'I love you'...especially when it is returned
30. Bubblewrap
31. Coloring
32. Being creative
33. Aggie Football
34. Dr.Pepper
35. Baseball (Rangers and the Red Sox)
36. Texas A&M University!! Whoop!!
37. Movies
38. Being HOME
39. Sudoku
40. Being taken care of
41. "Mothering"
42. School Supplies
43. Classic Art
44. Going to the park to swing
45. Watching Stars at night...
46. Flip Flops
47. Rain
48. Pillows
49. Flowers (especially getting them!)
50. Dreaming
51. Dressing up
52. Naps
53. Coming home to a clean house
54. Pajamas
55. Purses
56. Shoes
57. Twinkle Lights
58. The way Cami's face looks when she says "I Love You"

That is all I have time for now, but maybe I will add more later! Have a great night :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

happy with me....

I think that at least once in their life, everyone wishes they were someone else. I have many times. Yesterday, I realized that I finally am who I have wanted to be for so long. Yes, there are somethings I would change, but none of them are truly important. I like who I am. I am in a good place. Things are not perfect, but they are good. I can certainly work with good. :) I like that I am good with who I am that I am finally who I want to be. Not who I think I should be, or who others think I should be. Its a good feeling. I am good with me no matter who is or isn't in my life. No matter what I am working on or where I am. I like that. Have an amazing night...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

just wanted to say...

...That I think it is rude of my roommate to ask "why are YOU at home? ". Yeah... News flash, I live here too.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I didn’t think I would every truly be at a loss for words. Until now. I am completely bewildered and don’t know what to think. This morning I got a message from someone I used to be close to but haven’t spoken to in over a year. Someone I never really expected to talk to ever again. I am shocked. I don’t really understand. Why now, why today? Why this morning? What changed? I wasn’t enough before why would I be now? I am so confused. I don’t understand why this is happening. What made her want to suddenly apologize and try and make things right? Is she just playing some kind of joke on me? Is she only doing this because someone else, like her parents, her sister or her fiancĂ©e, said she should? How do I know it is real and genuine? How can I trust her after so long? I am so completely blown away by this sudden communication that I truly am befuddled. I know that sounds stupid, but it is true…I just don’t know.

To end, I just want to say that it is amazing how much better time with friends can make you feel!! Yea! The rest of my night is going to be devoted to math....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Why are some people idiots??

A prime example for this is my roommate. She has no common sense. Really. I know she is in college, but she is just dumb. I look at her when she talks and wonder, "do you know what is coming out of your mouth? Do you know how stupid you are making yourself sound??" AHHHHHHHHH!! There are really no words to express my frustration. This are what I can express now...
1. leaving coffee in the coffee maker until it molds and I find it is DISGUSTING and INEXCUSABLE.

2. bring a pet that I am allergic to into the house is not okay.

3. Don't leave wet clothes in the washer for long periods of time...they get NASTY and other people need to use the machine...

and finally...
4. STUPID if it is cold outside, OF COURSE the air condition isn't going to run, which will OF COURSE lower the electricity bill.

She is such a genius. I don't think I have met many people with her level, or lack thereof, of understanding...seriously. Use your brain that is why God gave it to you.

Moving on. I went shopping today!! Whoop!! New clothes are always great. I am loving that Christmas is getting so close!! Have a great day!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Today I met a really nice guy. We flirted. He asked to sit next to me during the production we were waiting for. We sat together. And in the middle of the production (for lack of a better word) I cough and cough...I hate having a cold. Anyway, I would be willing to bet he would have asked me out if I had not coughed up a right lung. Sad. I hate that I missed that chance b/c I couldn't help being sick.

Now I am going to go write a paper on social injustice....Have a nice day.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Today was crazy....I went to work and I swear to you that someone gave the kids like a million sugar cubes each. Our kids usually just sit around and polish their halos. Today I think they could have run a 26 mile marathon and still had way to much energy to sit still for even 2 seconds without flailing about and screaching in a high pitched wail. After work I came home and took a nap which was amazing. I really need to regain some sanity after being in the "war zone". I went and bought a new tv tonight since my other one died. Way exciting!! Even better, I had one of my friends and her husband help...well basically, Josh did all the work...It was great. He even threw the old one away for me. Anyway, I am going to go. Have a great night!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Goodbye Dr Gates...

I got an email in my inbox this morning that made me very sad. Dr. Robert Gates is leaving his position as President of Texas A&M University. I love Dr. Gates. Although he did not graduate from A&M, he is a true Aggie. There is a saying among Aggies, "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it; From the inside looking out, you can't explain it." Dr. Gates has managed, in four years, to do what millions do not accomplish in a lifetime. He came as an outsider and got it. He is a true Aggie. It hurts my heart to think of A&M without Dr. Gates. I realize that he is leaving to serve our country, but a part of me wants to be selfish and keep him right here in Aggieland. I deeply admire his integrity and commitment for standing up and fighting for what he believes in. I love that he as a president of this university fought for us as students, not just the fiscal interests. I could go on forever. Basically, Dr. Gates (he will always be Dr. Gates to me) is amazing and this country is unbelieveibly lucky to have him in its service. Aggieland is a better place because of him and will miss him immensely. Go Gig 'Em Dr. Gates!! We love you! Whoop!!

P.S. I am sorry for my freak out the other day. That is my one big fear and I sort of let it get out of control momentarily. I know I will never be able to be enough for my students. I just hope that I can help them to be better people, help them to have a better life than they would have had without having met me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What then???

Today, in one of my classes, my professor came in upset. Apparently someone in my class has made some accusations that are completely off base. Stupid things like claiming we were given 4 walks, when really we've only had one. The fact that this one walk was due to intense illness on the part of my professor apparently was of no consequence. Due to these pathetic "charges" my professor is in trouble. She is really a great prof and does her best to teach us what we need to know with out boring us to death. I can't imagine why anyone would complain. If you have been to college, you know that most people are ready to get out of class ASAP. Especially if the class lasts for three hours. I am thankful that I have profs who understand that and try to keep the class as unboring and relative as possible. I don't comprehend how the person could have benefited from sending these unfounded emails out. Why be so mean?

I think I am so concerned about this because I have chosen to become a teacher myself. I know that I might, and probably will, have to deal with parents and maybe students like these. This breaks my heart. Why should people create issues where there are none? Why persecute someone just because you don't like them or their personality? Maybe this is some sort of profession prejudice...It scares me that I can do all that can possibly be done for students and still have parents say that I don't do my job correctly or that I am not doing my job at all. What do you do then? "Teacher instinct" says self evaluate, get peer evaluations and if everything is right forget it and move on; if it isn't, fix it and move on. I know that that isn't always good enough in the real world. What do you do when it isn't enough? When you have poured all of yourself into something completely and it isn't enough, isn't good enough, what then? This scares me to death. I think that that is my biggest fear in regard to teaching; the fear that I won't be enough, won't be effective enough for my students. That I will in some way fail them as an educator, as a protector, as someone who truly has their best interest at heart. What if I am not enough?

Monday, November 06, 2006

This stinks...

So I come home tonight after a LONG day (school, school, work, substitue parenting) and turn on my tv for some background noise while I do homework. Things are great for like ten minutes and then my tv goes mute. I figure it is an issue with my cable and it will fix itself in a bit and continue to work. After fifteen minutes I realize it still has not come back on and that there is no sound on any of the channels. Turning off the tv sounds good. Until it doesn't come back on...so now, there is not only no sound, but no picture....I have had the tv for a year give or take a month....AAARRRGGGHHHH. Apparently I will be going to buy a new tv soon...or asking my parents to go buy one...Stink!!

I think I am probably most upset by this "event" due to the fact that I am not feeling well and was really looking forward to taking some benadryl and watching a movie in bed before falling into the drug induced coma. Sad.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thoughts on the weekend...

Okay so this weekend was crazy...
My thoughts are...
1. Yea! I got to wear my new scarf on Friday!!
2. I am also excited about having gotten a haircut on Friday!
3. I am not excited about the small tidbit of hair that fell into my right eye and caused major problems...
4. Christmas shopping!!...Enough said!!!
5. Exhaustion!!
6. I hate it when creepy salesmen hit on you...
7. I love my Mom, but I am not so fond of the cold or whatever she gave me over the weekend...

All in all, it was a good weekend. I was glad to go home and see my Mom and youngest brother, although I wish I could have seen my Dad (Opening weekend is a standing appointment however...). So, now I am tired after driving the four hours back to CS in the rain and yuck. I hope you have an amazing week!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


There is something amazing about bubblebaths....They are so nice. I don't care what your day has been like or what is on your mind, a bubblebath can take it away...Taking a bubblebath makes you feel so decadent and feminine...In a way that probably nothing else can do. I don't know what it is about seeing painted toenails poking out of a million bubbles that makes you feel girlie, but it does...

Anyway, moving along. I bought my first scarf of the year yesterday!! I am so excited about winter and Christmas this year. I hope that it gets cold enough in Texas that I will be able to wear a scarf. I don't know what it is about winter in general and Christmas specifically that is so enthralling to me. I think it is just the magic of it all. I mean someone being born to die for me. It is the best time to cuddle. The snow is so beautiful and enticing. I think maybe I love this time of year so much because it is when I feel closest to being a child again. I get to do all the adult stuff too, but it is okay to have a child's heart at Christmas. I have an especially childlike heart. I get so excited by the most simple things. "Fun" pens, Christmas lights, snow, bubblewrap...The list is really long. I am such a child at heart. I get to be most like my true inner self at Christmas. I am myself all year long, but I think I just dig a bit deeper into myself at Christmas time, like I find something that isn't there the rest of the year. I am swept away by the magic. I love the feeling that it is Christmas and there is hope and safety and peace and that you are loved by so many people. It is breathtaking. I think I am in love with Christmas...

Have a great night!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday! So glad it is finally here. I have company coming in for the weekend and studying to do, so I am sure it will go by all too quickly, as usual. Get excited!! Christmas is coming!! I have three gifts and some stocking stuffers left to buy. At least I already know what I am getting for the gifts and I have all of the gifts that I have already bought wrapped and labeled!! Whoop!! I am so excited!! And it seems like we might actually have a winter here this year! I bought some new flannel sheets today in anticipation of this. Very Exciting!! I was just contemplating possibly buying a REAL winter coat (which is extremely rarely necessary) but I would like to have one for future and if I get an opportunity to wear it once or twice this year, then so much the better. And I predict that I will get to wear my really cool, extremely long, maroon scarf too! I am really looking forward to that...Anyway, company's here so have a great weekend...I hope you get to sleep in cause I won't get to... :( Sad Day.... Night!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

oddly enough....

So, I wore a pair of incredibly uncomfortable shoes to observe in this morning, due to the shoe comment...I got out of my car at the school and as I walked up to the building, the bottom part of both heels starts disintegrating....apparently that was payback for mentioning the "silent expectation"....I don't know, but it sucked...have a great day!


I have been a girl for my entire 21 years, but this morning I had a startling revelation. Apparently, it is expected that if you are to wear a shoe with heels you must be in an ungodly amount of pain. I realized this when I thought back on something that happened exactly one week ago (give or take a few hours). I was observing and a little girl looked at me as I passed by her desk, and asked me "Why do you always wear those shoes?" (In my defense I have only observed 4 times and they are my FAVORITE black strappy heels, which I don't wear frequently.) So I tell her that I wear them because they are my favorite, because I have finally managed to find a cute shoe that doesn't kill my feet, even after 3 hrs of walking around her classroom. What does she do? Looks at me like I am crazy. So apparently, heels are supposed to be painful. Why doesn't someone just realize women would be much happier if their feet didn't hurt constantly.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It rained again today. It was nice. So I have recently begun to realize that "adult life" is beginning. I have started thinking about things like life insurance and savings. Things that my parents took care of until now. Thankfully I don't have to worry about medical insurance or car insurance yet, but I will within a few years. No, I don't currently have a life insurance policy (my parents have one for me) but I have started to realize building my savings is important. Life is a lot of big choices. How do you ever know for sure that you have made THE right choice? Not just a good choice, but the best possible choice? I don't know. I have only felt absolutely certain of that twice.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday ramblings....

Hi! It is Saturday!! Yea!! So I must say, I am having a horrible time with my math 142 class...I feel like I am drowning. It is good to get that out finally but still hasn't solved the problem. :( Sad Day. As a "future educator" I am most definitely a History/Lit person. I basically really struggle with math and don't find science pleasant in the least. It just doesn't completely click, I can never remember it, for some reason. I don't know why. I am not an unintelligent person. I am not DaVinci or Einstein, and I doubt that I would qualify for a membership in MENSA; but I am not stupid. So, it completely discourages and frustrates me that I can't "get" math....Yahhhhhh... So this morning I once more played the role of "stand-in parent" and took Cami to gymnastics at the Flip-Flop Factory. It wasn't bad. And Steve payed me very well for getting up early and taking her. That was nice. I am enjoying fall. It has been really nice so far...it has come at the most opportune moment for me too. And, of course, it makes me constantly think of Boston (as if I don't anyway...) Okay, seriously it is ridiculous how long it takes me and the majority of my friends to come up with some place to eat...I mean come on....It has been 30 mins since we started discussing this and still haven't made a decision...Moving on... So sometime this week I am going to be calling a lady from the BTR. I am excited and a bit nervous too. I hope I can remember all of the things I want to ask and get some helpful information in return. I really want this to work out. You know, now that I think about it, there are a lot of things in my life that I really want to work out. That is what I like about being 21. There is a life full of possibilities in front of me. I have the opportunity to see things work themselves out right in front of me. I like that. I just need to learn a bit of patience to make the journey more enjoyable. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Today was so much better than yesterday!! Whoop for that. I briefly played in the rain this afternoon. It was great. I wish I could have spent more time out in it, just enjoying life. It was nice and very refreshing. And now I am about to watch a movie!! I must say I love netflix. Kudos to whomever came up with the idea. However, I am sure the money they are making is saying that quite clearly. Anyway, I am going to go watch a movie and listen to the rain. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad Day

Today, my day lived up to Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day". This morning was really good actually, apart from the huge hovering disagreement between my roommate and I. Then this afternoon after class, I step out of the elevator in the garage to walk to my car, and right in front of my car, a girl had just been hit. I mean JUST been hit. I got there before the UPD and the EMS...It was so scary. I watched them take care of the girl and fill out the reports, and finally, clean up all the bloody mess left behind...I sat and watched the driver of the car, crying hysterically, on the verge of a break down. It basically rocked my world. I have always harbored this illusion that I was safe on campus, maybe not anywhere else, but surely on the campus of Texas A&M University, I was safe. No harm could befall me there, right? Talk about shattering a dream....I am still overwhelmed by what I saw... And then to top it off, I find out we have "uniforms" to wear to work now...to work with kids...two shirts to last all week..Seriously. I don't know. I am just so overwhelmed by this afternoon. I sincerely wish tonight, that I was in a relationship, because I desperately need to be held. I want to cuddle and forget everything else. I want to leave school, and work, and mainly, freak accidents behind. I want to forget it all and just be close to someone I love.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rain is great!

I love rainy days! They are usually the best. (unless it means you must walk across all 5 miles of campus....which turns into mudfest...). Today is a rainy day. I got completely soaked running to my car after work. It was great. Granted, I am not in love with being totally soaked all the time, but when it is raining, its okay, as long as you can change quickly. Anyway, I am so excited about the rain I just wanted to share! I hope your day is as great as mine.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So I did my advising for this spring and was so happy to have finally nailed down an official final graduation date!! Whoop!! I am so ready to move! I heard on the radio today that it will be snowing in Boston by the weekend. I wish I was there!! I am so ready to graduate so I can teach and be in the real world, not the college world, even though college is fun!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Okay, so I have been going on and on about how far away graduation seems, for what seems like an eternity. Finally I have found something that makes me feel better, more ahead in the game. This weekend I had a friend from home staying with me because she wants to come to A&M. She graduated from high school in may of this year. She is so excited about coming down here, just like I was. It was like seeing me three years ago. Seeing her as a freshman, I do feel I have accomplished a lot and like graduation probably isn't that far away. FINALLY!!! I didn't think I would ever feel this way. I am so thankful!! Have a great day!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Hey! So I went to dinner with the girls tonight...such fun. When I got home, I had a friend request waiting on facebook. A friend from a long time ago. His sister and I used to be really good friends. So I went to check out his myspace page and of course she is there too...She is married now and expecting, and extremely blessed. I have so many people that I knew from highschool that are now married and either have kids or will soon. I am so happy for them. I am glad they are happy, at least I hope they are. But there is always that tug that says "I want that too". Usually I just push it away, but tonight I am going to let it linger. It makes me sad that there isn't anything I can do to make it happen. It is amazing how complicated and multi-layered human emotion is. I truly want to be married. I want to have children. I want to be a mommy. I want someone to hold me, someone to support me. At the same time, I realize now probably isn't the time for it. I know that if that came now, my life would be completely different that what it would be other wise. I suppose to an extent that this is true of whatever age you marry, but it seems that the last 3 years and maybe the two is when that will be most true. Amazing huh. It is like a war inside myself...the urge to be in a relationship, to be married vs. the sensible decision to wait. I don't understand and can't explain. Although, since I don't really have guys just lining up to ask me out, the issue is more an issue of desire than reality...I don't know, all I know is that tonight is one of those night that I just want to be held...
Have a great night.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lesson Plan...Whoop!!

Hey!! I am so excited!! I just finished writing my first lesson plan that I will actually be able to use once I graduate!! Whoop!! I mean this is the real thing; it has standards and everything! I feel so accomplished right now. I am so proud of myself. I can do this. I can be a teacher!! Yea!! Let me just say WHOOP and GIG EM AGGIES!! Night!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One year...

One year ago today, I woke up at 5:30, quickly dressed and drove to the airport with my parents. I got on the plane, excited that, at the age of 20, I was flying for the first time. I was excited about the week I would be away from school, the week I would have a break. I got to have a vacation/happy 20th birthday trip. Little did I realize over the 3 hours and 45 minutes that I was on that plane, that my life was about to change. I got on the plane with the mindset that I would never want to live anywhere but the Dallas metroplex....When I got back on the plane a week later, all I could think was I want to live here...in Boston. It was amazing...From the moment I stepped off the plane in Logan, I felt completely at home, relaxed, comfortable. Walking around town I was at home...I was a tourist, but I didn't so much feel like one. I felt like I had some time off at home. Like I had a few days off of work...It was amazing. I can't tell you how many times I said to myself, as I walked around alone, i can see me living here...It was so me. So I must say, that I am sad that it has been an entire year since my trip, but at the same time I am not sad b/c I am one year closer to living there. I am one year closer to being back there again, before I move there. It makes me sad that when I am there again more than a year will have passed since I was there last. It is almost like being away from family for a whole year....

Have an amazing night...Sweet dreams...I know I will be dreaming about Boston...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall has come!!

Fall is here!! Yesterday was the quientessential fall day. I am talking fall in BOSTON day!!!! There was a perfect breeze it was cool and overcast...Basically it was completely amazing. One year ago tomorrow I was up early getting on a plane and flying to Boston. I never would have guessed how much that trip would change my plans for my future...I must say, I am in love...can you be in love with a place? I don't know, but I am. Whoop for Boston and fall!!! I can't wait to get there. :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Roommate complaints...

Complaints I am lodging against my roommate:

  • She is eating my food (without asking or bothering to letting me know)
  • She is drinking my bottled water (again without asking or letting me know)
  • She is coming in my room and borrowing what she pleases when I am not here (without asking)
  • She is always giving me way more information that I care to have
  • She asked me for money....which is completely unacceptable.....
  • She can never turn anything off...the coffee maker, the tv, all the lights in the house....because of this, our electric bill was 300 dollars this month....
  • When she borrows (without asking) my dvds, she doesn't hesitate to open the ones that even I haven't watched (the ones still wrapped in plastic)....
  • Her stupid cat has fleas
  • She feeds her stupid cat tuna and it smells up the WHOLE house and then she just leaves it sitting out for days...so disgusting....
  • She expected me to pay for utilities that she incured before I moved in....I won that one....
  • She walks around naked and seems to find it impossible to shut her door when changing...
  • When I first moved in and her boyfriend came over, she "banished" me to my room....
  • I have no room in the panty or the refrigerator or the freezer...apparently since she lived here a year before I moved in, I am not entitled to any space for food storage, but she, however, is more than welcome to my food....
  • She ALWAYS has laundry in the washer, dryer, and on top of both...and I do mean at ALL
    times.... therefore doing laundry is a total insanity...
  • She recently spilled BRIGHT PINK nail polish on our white carpet and doesn't care to try and clean it....so we now have hideous bright pink carpet...
  • She thinks that personal maintance, such as buffing her heels and scraping the bottoms of her feet in the middle of our living room carpet is perfectly acceptable...

    That is all for now....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Favorite Quotes

"Aww Man" (with hanging head) - Jace upon being told he would have to leave the center if he couldn't keep his inside voice.

"potato head doesn't eat you."
-monica in reference to one of the kids trying to eat mr. potato head pieces...

"now, sir, are you animal, vegetable, or mineral?" - the magician's nephew

"hold on, let me think of something funny!!" - beth

"I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met." Dermot Mulroney in the Wedding Date

" I could more easily forgive his pride if he had not wounded mine." Elizabeth Bennet from the movie

Me: "Who's Cameron are you?"
Cameron: "Manda's Cameron! :) "

Cameron (imitating me) again: "Wash, wash, wash"
and again "we sit on our bottom".

Today (Valentine's) Cameron walked up to me and said "Happy Valemties Day. Are you my Valemtine?"

A preschooler to another preschooler in an Aggie outfit:
"Are you a Texas A&M girl?"

A conversation between me and a little girl at school:
"My balloon popped"
Me: Why did it pop?
"Because the air came out"

"I went to the dentist and he put lots of seals in my teeth, but not the kind that go "arf arf""

"I love you." - Cameron :)

"Night Manda" - Cameron

Ok, so cameron was walking down the hall with her mom and saw me and waved. They went into her class for a minute and when the came out i had gone into the breakroom. I hear, from down the hall, "she must be missing, ms. amanda is missing!" So I stuck my head out and she was so excited to see me again which made the day worth all of the effort i have exerted!! Let me tell you, when Cam smiles the world lights up. It is incredible.

sometimes life just isn't fun

Sometimes life just stinks....Today is definately one of those times.....I'm not happy. Stinky things keep happening...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tonight I want to cry...

So since I can write this was a huge probability that no one will read it, I will go ahead and say everything on my mind....I am tired. I am frustrated with my roommate. I am mad that she ate my food and didn't even ask. I am sad. I'm not even sure why. I am tired of being in school. I am discouraged and frustrated. I want to be done and teaching. I want to be in Boston. I want to be in a relationship with an amazing guy. I want to fall in love. I wish I had more money. Being a broke college student really sucks. I want someone to hold me. I want someone to be interested in me. Not because it benefits them to, but because they find me interesting, fascinating even. I want the great love of my life not to be someone that exists only in my dreams. Right now I just want to walk away from it all...Every bit of it...I just want to leave and start somewhere else. Somewhere where it doesn't matter like it does here. Somewhere where I have someone to love me and for me to love.

Good night...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's Go RANGERS Let's Go!!

So last night I went to the Rangers game! Whoop!! I had a great time. I went with my parents and some friends... lots of fun. It just so happened that the Red Sox were playing the Yankes at the same time. Of course I have to comment of this and cheer on the Red Sox as well as the Rangers. So there is this guy who is like ten years older than me sitting in front of me and to my right one seat. And so we basically talked all night. It was fun. He was the "successful businessman"...it was good. After the game there was an AMAZING fireworks show. My friend and I decided that it would have been the perfect date ...the fireworks were so beautiful. So I was hoping the guy would leave me his number, but that was just wishful thinking... :( . The Red Sox ending up losing that game, but the Aggies won our game that day and the Rangers won and there were fireworks!! It was a great night :) You have a great night!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

why I love Boston...

One of my friends just asked my what it is about Boston that I love so much. I thought this was a very good question, and put a lot of thought into my response. I wanted to share it with you.

i love the atmosphere the attitude of the city...have you ever heard my story about when i came to visit A&M? I knew immediately that this was where I belong, where I needed to be. I had a total and complete peace. It was just right. I have only had that feeling with such absolute certainty 4 times in my life. You just know, without a doubt, that is where you are supposed to be. When I was in Boston, it was like I finally got home, after twenty years, I was finally home. It was so right. You know how when you go on vacation you love it and you have a great time, but the last night you are like "i can't wait to get home and sleep in MY bed!" And when you get home, it is just sooo nice to be home, not because vacation was bad, because it was great, it is just so good to be home. That is what boston is for me. It is like coming home.

I can not fully explain in words what Boston is to me, but this is about as close as it comes. This is me getting about as real as it gets.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Five Years

So today is five years since my Grandfather died of cancer. I can not believe that it has been five years. At first it seemed like I just hadn't seen him in awhile be he would come over soon. Now, it isn't like I have forgotten him, but it is more like he isn't missing from my life anymore. Like my life has been rearranged and restructured and the gap is gone.(or at least made more easily hidden. It is hard to believe it has been five years. I still can't wrap my mind around it...

Today in class we talked about professionalism. Let me tell you, it seems like it get from all sides 24-7. For those of you out there who don't think that teachers are professionals or that professionalism is part of being and educator, you are way out of the loop. I would argue that teachers are required to be more professional than any other profession. Teachers must be so professional that it must be part of their persona. It has to become part of who they are. They must be professional all the time, not just during office hours. As a teacher every thing you do is scrutinized. There is always the possibility that someone who knows you is watching. It is a very large responsibility.....Anyway, I have to get back to class. Have a great day. :)

Thursday, August 31, 2006


So, things are looking a little up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel at least. My future Boston roomie and I are going to Boston over Christmas break!! Yea!! Something to look forward to. I am really excited!! Naturally.

And, today Gage was laying down and sat up all by himself!! Yea!!!!! I can't believe how big he is getting. I love him so much. He is amazing. Anyway, that's whats up.

OMG!! My roommate just told me that she and her boyfriend (of a month) just had sex for the first time. I got the fast and furious version. eww!!! too much information....

So night! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some days just stink...

Today was definately one of those days. I am exhausted,physically exhausted, mentally exhausted, emotionally exhausted. I don't even know what to say now. I just don't know what to say.

Monday, August 28, 2006

School has started...Again....

So school started again today. I must say, again, that they closer to graduating I get, the further away it seems. It has definitely started to seem to be the "unattainable". It is very frustrating. I can not express in words how strongly I wish to finish. SOON. I will love being done but leaving Cami and Gage will definitely break my heart into a million pieces.

Saturday I had my "official" birthday party. It was great. There were 12 people and we had an amazing time. I felt very loved. I enjoyed having all the people I like hanging out with there with me. It was special.

Okay, so let me tell you how much I am wanting to be in Boston today...A LOT. Um yeah, that is pretty much the extended forecast for the foreseeable future.

I think this semester is going to be really busy. REALLY BUSY. I am exhausted just thinking about the craziness in store. On that note, I am going to bed. Sweetest dreams.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love Boston

I love Boston so much. I really can not wait to live there. I am very excited about it. Whoop!!

Monday, August 21, 2006


OMG!!! It works!! Whoop!! Yea!!! I am so excited :) I finally have internet access!!! Yea!!

I do still exist...

So, since moving on the 10th and 11th, my life has been a bit chaotic. Saturday was my birthday!! Whoop for birthdays!! I really have been wanting to get on and write but the internet issue is still yet to be worked out in our apartment. :( Things have been okay so far with my roommate. I like how my room turned out now that it is decorated. It is way cute. I could not believe the amount of stuff that I had to send home. There was tons of stuff. Those were two completely crazy days.
School starts exactly one week from today and I must say that I do not feel prepared for the commencement of yet another semester. My current explination is that the closer graduation gets, the further away it seems. I don't know if you have ever experienced anything like it...It is extremely frustrating. It is like the classes that I have completed don't even exist, and all that matters is what I have yet to do. GRRRR.
Saturdat I am having a party to celebrate the fact that I am finally 21. I deserve it. And, it is the last Saturday before the beginning of the semester, so I decided that a party was definately in order. Anyway, I need to go...Have a great evening!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Gilmore Girls is on!! Yea!!! Tomorrow is the last day before I move....Tonight I called my future roommate to set up a time for me to come pick up my keys. She informes me that some random guy is going to be crashing at our house for "awhile". Yeah... So I am going to go finish Gilmore girls :) Whoop!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

5 days before moving...

Hey!! It is Saturday!! After the day I had yesterday, Saturday is about all I can handle. Yesterday I had an extremely flat tired and a flood in my kitchen. It was amazing. Truly great. Today I am packing...But, tomorrow, I am playing with Cami. And there is an eight hour gilmore girl marathon on ABC Family!! Whoop!! Thankfully, I have some really amazing friends that helped me out yesterday. I am completely lost when it comes to anything more technical than actually driving my car. So it is a good thing that I have a friend who is married to someone that works on diesels. Anyway, so I have my car back!! Yea!! And I am listening to my favorite music, half dressed, half pajama-ed and I am about to start packing up my decorations....Have an amazing day :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kids are amazing!

Okay, so today at work I was in the Pre-K class for a bit. These kids will begin kindergarten in about a week and a half. There is one boy in this class who is severely ADD. In the extreme. If you have ever worked with an ADD child, you know it may seem like nothing you say ever gets through and you wonder if they ever learn anything, but you also know that they are incredibly brillant children. So we were working on phonics today and I was saying a word and the kids were telling me what it started with. So after about ten minutes, during which this child has said next to nothing, I say "Popcorn". I hear random "p's" from the group and he pops up from laying on the floor and says "p-o-p-c-o-r-n" so fast that it takes me awhile to process what he says. I was amazed and in awe. I was so incredibly proud of him. It was so great. It made all the trying times and experiences completely worth it.
I just finished doing pilates with a friend. I love the time to talk and hang out and get in a workout. Tonight we ended up talking about weddings...she is having some drama w/ her ex-fiance and is sorta dating someone....anyway. For all of those guys out there, girls really do dream about their perfect wedding from the time they are five. So we had the "wedding plans" talk. That talk always leaves me with a longing to be held. I am looking forward to that. To being loved unconditionally. To being cherished. To being esteemed, admired and desired. Anyway, no pity party here. Just sharing some thoughts.
I need to go get a shower so I can recover from pilates and get ready for bed. I hope you have the sweetest dreams. :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pink!!! Gotta love it. Okay, so the count down has begun. This morning when I woke up, I had exactly 12 full days until I begin moving. Tomorrow I will have 11. This move seems to be quickly approaching and I am not ready!!! I know the move will go smoothly, but my mind has been on this for so long that the anticipation is getting dangerous. I am just ready for it to be over with. I want to be moved and settled and move on (no pun intended).
So I burned my hand on Wednesday taking lunch out of the oven. It hurts. So today, the first day I have gone without bandages, I got the bright idea to carry all of the groceries in at once. In my defense, it was only like 7 bags. So of course I load up and then have to pull them off my hands/arms when I finally get it. Now, common sense should have told me to take my time with the burn on my hand. Of course though, I didn't listen. I yanked the bags off and pulled a couple of chunks of burned skin off in the process. OWWWW!! I was not happy. I just hope it doesn't some how get infected. Although as much effort as I put into preventing that, hopefully it won't.
I have a really cute story from yesterday at work. One of the classes, (my 2nd favorite class), was doing a camping unit this week. As a treat for Friday, they made smores. This was all done safely I assure you. So these 3 year olds are sitting around eating smores. You can not imagine how adorable they were. Needless to say they were covered in chocolate and marshmallows. It was so sweet. They were funny!! anyway, I just had to share. I mean sweet, adorable 3 yr olds covered in smores is definately a warm fuzzy. Have a great night.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I just wanted to say one more thing...I really, really, really wish I was in Boston right now. Okay, good night. I would say I love you, but I don't know you, so I won't. Just good night and sleep tight.

I don't know...

Hi. So I have several things on my mind, but not really anything I am wanting to post on the internet. Why take the time to type this then? Good question. I haven't figured that out either. I guess I am just looking for an outlet for some energy. I would really like to be asleep, but since I have company on the way, that doesn't seem to be a viable option. I am moving to my new apartment exactly two weeks from today. I become less sure of how I feel about this the closer the event gets. I have really liked living alone. It has been great. The only slight downside is the financial aspect. But even that isn't really an issue. I know I think I want to experience having a roommate as part of the college experince, but I am becoming less and less sure of myself. No, I don't particulalry like the apartment I am currently living in, but I do like living alone. This doesn't necessarily mean that I won't like living with a roommate, but I guess I still have qualms about it. I am sure it will turn out fine. :) So I am gonna go now. I hope you have the sweetest dreams.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Hey! So today was a Monday, but a good Monday. Stephanie and I have been doing pilates and I must say I definately felt it tonight while we were working out. Which is good. I wish I could just fast forward and see the results. Oh well. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so I am going to do this the right way. I am excited about it. I am glad that I finally am making the commitment to do it. I think the best part of today though is that I am finally back on track with God. I am seeking His will not mine. At work today, people told me that I looked much less stressed than I had on Friday. That was good to hear. I am thankful for everything he has done for me. He is soo good. I know many people out there would say I'm just another "Bible thumper" or some brain washed Southern Baptist, but it is true. I'm sitting here listening to Rob Thomas and writing about God. Being a Christian doesn't have to mean being an uptight, penny pinching, hipocrite. It is supposed to be about being real, being loved and being free. He has saved me. I am unexpressibly thankful for that.
Anyway, I am have a lot to do before I can go to bed and I am tired (in a good "I worked out" kind of way) so I am going to get going. Sweet Dreams. Sleep tight.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cami is so cute!

So yesterday I kept Cami and Gage while Steve and Wendy had a party. Cami and I were sitting on her bed with her babies who were "taking a nap". Here's the cute part of the conversation:

Me: "Are the babies still asleep?"
Cam: "Yes; but they will be up soon!"
Me:"Okay. What are they going to do when they get up?"
Cam:"They are going to play play-doh."
Me: "How fun. Who do they like to play play-doh with?"
Cam: "Me."
Me: "And who do you like to play play-doh with?"
Cam: "You."

So of course we played play-doh a bit later. And in the midst of this, cami looks at me does the hand sign for "i love you" and says "I love you" with this huge grin. Needless to say my heart was in puddles. I took her to the park last weekend and a few days before we went she told me "I went to the park with Mommy and Daddy and Gagey becuase I was a good girl. But I want to go with you. " It was a good thing we already had plans to go. I've been thinking about taking her again next weekend. If I don't take her next weekend then I probably will take her the next weekend. She is so great. Anyway, I just wanted to brag on her. Have a great day.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's Saturday!!! Whoop!

Gloria!!! It is a glorious Saturday once again. I got 12 hours of sleep last night and I must say I feel completely amazing. After lounging and a shower, I went shopping!!! Whoop!! And I went shopping for the most fun thing of all - school supplies!! :) Yea!!! I can not tell you how much fun I had. After grabbing lunch I came home to go through my stuff. Now I am cleaning up and getting ready to go keep Cam and Gage. It should be fun. I talked to Cami this morning and she said "Manda, we'll play little people and cards." Little people and cards. Okay?" She is the most adorable person ever. Anyway, I am gonna go brush so I can go see "my" babies. Have a most excellent Saturday!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

chick flicks

My Best Friend's Wedding is on tv. I am excited. Not really sure why since I own the movie, but I really like this movie. I know it doesn't really end happily, but I love the feel good moments. I love chick flick movies. And besides Dermot Mulroney is extremely attractive. "Some day, when I'm awfully low,When the world is cold,I will feel a glow just thinking of you" This is probably one of the greatest love songs ever written. In my opinion. Have a great night.

It's a Thursday!

Hi. So I went to the doctor this morning. After much poking, proding, swabbing and blood taking :( it was announced that I do not have strep throat or mono. I do however have some sort of a lovely virus. "Take some advil and rest" was the medicine I was given and it will be back to work tomorrow. I guess just too much going on wore me down. At least it is nothing serious. I am thankful for that. So on Tuesday one of my friends and I decided we are going to the Ranger game on September 16th. I am really excited about it. I love the Rangers. I love baseball. I mean it's America's favorite pasttime. How can you not love it? It is supposed to be a "double date" thing, so I have to find someone to go with me, but it will work out. I bought my sports pass on Monday. Aggie football here I come. I am really glad that most of the games are night games this year. Whoop!! Man, my throat hurts. I really hope it quits soon. But anyway, that is the update. I hope that you have a most amazingly incredible day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey! I am back. I didn't get a nap earlier and I am definately getting sleepy. Hopefully I will sleep really well tonight and wake up feeling much better. I hope. So I am really writing because I realised that exactly one month from today is my birthday! I am very excited about this. It should be magnificent. Whoop!! I just got excited that it is only a month away, so I wanted to say something...Have a great night.

Ironic huh?

So the last two days I have been WAY stressed out at work. Yesterday afternoon on the way to work I was thinking "It would almost be worth it to get sick so that I could rest." This morning I woke up with strep throat. :( My temperature is staying at 95 degrees. I think this is kind of funny. Almost funny enough for me to laugh but not quite b/c then my throat would hurt. This is the first time that I have been sick (with something besides a cold) since I moved out of my parents house three years ago. I couldn't even tell you when I was sick the last time when I lived at home. So I guess it has been a pretty good run. I haven't had strep specifically in like 11 years, so yea me!!
Today for lunch I had the classic chicken noodle soup. For some reason it seemed a bit salty to me. So as I relay this to my mom just a moment ago she asks, did you put in a can of water? I can not tell you how stupid i felt. I could chalk it up to being sick but that isn't really a good excuse since I have known how to make soup since I was like 10. Okay, so I need a nap now, so I hope you have a great day!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

the park :)

Hello! So it is another glorious Saturday!! I didn't get to sleep in this morning, but that was okay because I did something better. I got up at eight and showered and dressed then went and put gas in my car. Then I went and picked Cami up and took her to the park. Make no mistake, it was HOT, but we had a great time. Normally I don't get too happy about going out side unless it feels REALLY nice out, or I am going to a Baseball game. But taking Cam made it alright. I pushed her on the swings and then we made a mess with chalk and bubbles, before hitting the slide and then revisiting the swings. It was great. I really enjoy spending time with her and Gage. They are such great kids! I really enjoy spending time with them. But anyways, I should go I have homework to do as well as some packing.... Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Hey!! How was your day? Mine was a bit...crazy. Therefore I stayed in tonight to "recooperate". Which turned out not too bad b/c TCM is doing a "special" on movies about inner-city kids. I just watched Blackboard Jungle for the first time. It was very beneficial and mood lifting. Sometimes when I think about teaching in an inner-city school, I feel plauged by doubt about whether or not I will be able to successfully teach my students. I wonder, will I be effective? I hope so. I want to help my students, help them to be great people, to not just take the easy road, but to take the high road, the right road. But, knowing that if it is God's will that I be there, He will enable things to work out. Blackboard Jungle was a reminder that it can be done. Teachers can be successful in inner city schools. They just have to truly care and be willing to stay the course, to not give in or give up. Teaching in Boston will certainly be different from anything I have ever experienced. In so many ways. But I am soo excited about it. Anyway, have a great night!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the circus life....

Last night I went to the Ringling Brothers and B.B. Circus. Seeing as how I hadn't been since I was two (on my 2nd birthday!) I was kind of expecting to be bored. But, I wasn't!!! It was great. I had a lot of fun with my friends. It was really a wonderful experience. I will definately be taking my children to the circus when I have kids. (some day)
Tonight I read a quote on a friends facebook "Right now, I'm so in love with God that nothing else matters." I'm not there. I want to be, but I am not. That makes me sad. The human part of me just wants to throw in the towel and forget it. The spirit within me is calling me to something higher, something holier. I don't know if any one out there has heard the illustration of the two dogs warring inside you....if you haven't you won't understand. My two natures are at war. My deepest desires are definatelty God given. I feel that within the core of who I am. I know these desires like an artist knows his work. Even when the shallow, worthless stuff gets in the way, I hear these longings calling out. "Deep calling deep" definately descibes this. You know, I don't know why I disregard seeking out what I know is truly valuable in life, mainly my salvation and sharing that with the people in my life. I guess the selfish part of me finds it easier to do things on my own, the way I want to do it. I am so headstrong and independent that I want to do things my way. I want them done on my time. I know that isn't how life works. But still I persist in my foolishness. There is nothing more to say, except that all that is left for me to get on my knees and confess. Then to allow the Lord to lead me back to where he wants me. I quite honestly thing I am truly terrified of this. But He is my life. I must trust Him.
What is interesting is that all of this introspection was brought about by a picture of someone I admire very much. Someone I have very little contact, but whom I am very much impressed by. That person will probably never know how much they have impacted me. I may never talk to them again, but I am thankful for the connection I have to them.
I hope that you have an amazing day.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hello Saturday!!

Good Morning! I am extremely happy to report that last night went incredibly well. Hannah was basically perfect. The evening was a piece of cake. And, the Rangers and the Red Sox both won with five run leads. Yea boys!! So basically, my perfect day did end perfectly. And I got paid for my time...All in all it was really good. I got home late and stayed up for a bit expecting to sleep late this morning. Unfortunately, after seven thirty, my sleep was really light and I fully woke up at nine thirty. I know that there are people out there that would roll their eyes at me and think about how incredibly pathetic I am...(especially since I am still wearing my robe...) but, I don't mind too much. As I have said before, Saturday mornings are life as it was intended. Saturday mornings are what gets me through the rest of the week. Anyway, I wanted to talk for a bit and I have. I hope that you have a great day.

Friday, July 07, 2006


So I took the day off today and it has been great so far!! I slept late, showered, did lunch with a friend, now I am watching some old school tv and then I might take a nap. After that maybe I will work on packing, but maybe not. Then I am going to babysit. Normally this would be a good end to a great day. I am not so sure about tonight. I am babysitting someone I haven't sat for before and I am afraid she might be a terror. So I am going to have a perfect day and then go off and do battle. Unfortunatley it won't be the perfect end to the perfect day, but at least I will get paid well for this. However, next weekend, I get to spend time with my favorite kids. :) I am taking Cami to the park one day next weekend and then sometime I will be keeping her and Gage so Steve and Wendy can go out. Okay, so this may be really wierd, but although Cami and Gage aren't technically mine, I love them like they are. Until I met Cami, I knew I loved kids, but I didn't know you could love anyone that much. She is awesome. And then Gage was born and I spent so much time taking care of him and although I love him in a different way, I still love him just as much as I love Cami. I have so much fun with them. I think I am beginning to understand what being a parent really is. You want the best for them, and even when they are at the worst, you love them unconditionally, no matter how frustrated you become. I know that moving so far away from Cami and Gage will be the hardest part of moving across the country. But anyway, I will love coming to see them and having them come to see me. I hope that your Friday is as amazing as mine has been. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Mom!!

So today, I have to brag on my Mom. She is really great. I love how she takes such great care of me and always goes WAY above and beyond. She is amazing. I remember when I was little and we would sit together and she would read to me all day, literally. She would read to me until she couldn't talk anymore. I love having a Mom that is always there for me. That is the kind of Mom I want to be for my kids. I want to stay home with them and love them and show them what a mom should be. That is what God intended when he made moms.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Hey! So I should really be studying because I have a test tomorrow morning, but I don't want to. I haven't studied at all for this test because it is pointless and I find it very hard to motivate myself due to this fact. Grrr. I am so glad that this summer session is over tomorrow. I didn't know if it would ever end. But it finally has!! I have the day off on Tuesday before session two starts on Wednesday. Session two won't be nearly as bad as this session was. And then after that I move to my new apartment!! I am looking forward to that. It will be nice to get out of this one and to have the roommate experience before I am done with school and move to Boston!! Okay, so I am going to go to the library now and study :( Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday Mornings :)

Good Morning! :) I just want to say how much I absolutely love Saturdays and Saturday mornings are the best part of Saturdays. I love that I can sleep until ten and then get up and lounge. Everyday should be a Saturday. Saturdays are the break from life that everyone is always looking for. Saturday mornings are life as it was meant to be. I used to have a job (for about 18 months) where I had to work EVERY Saturday and it nearly killed me. I firmly believe that no one should have to work on Saturday, unless they want to. (I'm not sure I know of too many people other than over achievers who actually want to work on Saturdays). Even now when I have a job that I absolutely love, I am really crazy about my job, I live for Saturdays. Now, it isn't so much my job that makes me itch for Saturdays, it is mostly school and the feeling that I will never finish. I can not wait until I graduate so that when I go to work I am at work and when I am at home I am at home. Now I go to school then to work and then come home and study and do homework. When I graduate I will go to work and then come home and be done. The most that I might bring home is some papers to grade. And I don't really forsee that as being a heavy burden. I am so excited about starting life in the real world. I am just looking for it to actually start. Anyway, for now, I hang onto to Saturday mornings...
Have a great day

Friday, June 30, 2006


Okay, so I finally got my computer back from the man who was repairing it!! Whoop!! Thankfully I didn't lose any information and it was not too expensive...well at least not for me...my Dad might disagree. So I have my stuff back now and I was able to post a picture finally!! This is a picture I took with a friend through the sunroof of my car. I think it is pretty awesome. It is a great picture of the beautiful blue skies we have hear in Texas. Summer session one is almost over. I have my final Monday. I am just ready for it to be over. I am pretty sure I won't get credit for it b/c my grade won't be high enough. Oh well. Life happens. Today during the practical in lab, I just wanted to get a magic eraser on the cabinets and the backslash. They were stained from all the crap they go through and it was driving me crazy. Okay, so I love Michael Buble's music. He is definately happy music! Anyway, I have to go to work!! Have an amazing holiday weekend...

Monday, June 26, 2006

My first real posting!

So, earlier I was just rambling. What I said is true, I just need to say something. Anyway, so I have been wanting to create a page for awhile, I just haven't had time or the motivation. Tonight evading studying was enough of an incentive. I like the thought that I can let out my thoughts to no one in particular and it doesn't really matter. I don't care if no one reads it, or if millions of people read this. I am doing it for me. :) I like the way that sounds. It is good to do something completely for yourself every once and awhile. Like getting a pedicure...Girls out there will understand. Today wasn't a gold star day. Not quite a red star day (i prefer blue or green in the absence of gold), but definately not gold. Sometimes I just get tired of the responsibilites. I get tired of things going wrong. I don't know why I am not more greatful. I have been abundantly blessed. Still, I yearn for perfection. I want a million red jelly belly days. I am so crazy. Most people would look at my life and say, "What's wrong there?" I would love to have that life. I love my life, but sometimes I wish it was different, not more or less just different. I don't like stagnation. I love change and after I have been doing the same thing for so long I want to do something different. I am in that place now. Hmm. So I have spent three hours in the library "studying", I have less than an hour left and I have done nothing truly productive. Do you ever feel like your life is like that? That no matter how busy you are, your life is never truly productive? I go throught that sometimes. Now, I know the answer to this, I hold in my hand actually, but have quit utilizing it. What is wrong with me?? Sometimes I think I need to be slapped so I will wake up. Anyway, I need to go be productive....Have a great night!! XOXO


So, life is interesting. Humans are such fical creatures. Until now, I have had...not the best day. A favorite song came on and a pity party turned into a squeal of joy. It is truly amazing how music can move the soul....