Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where HAS the time gone??

Okay, I have been saying for at least a month I need to do some posts about all the things that happened in August. It still hasn't, instead of doing several, I am going to smoosh them all into one quick post.

Okay, here we go. Topic number one. I had a wonderful girls weekend. Jess came down to spend the night and we had a great time. There was a scavenger hunt, a mysterious vanishing sign, cookies and not much sleep! It was great. I had a wonderful time hanging out with Jess and those of my roommates who can make it past 11:30 awake. (love you Julie!!) Here are some pics from the weekend. (Justus' party was that Saturday also!)

Picture of the the LH Cross from the scavenger hunt (great job Jess!!)

Picture of Sul Ross from the Scavenger hungPicture of the Century Tree at night!Sign Thieves!!Party Pics!!Item #2. I had a birthday!! Whoop!! It was great. My wonderful roomies made me a special supper, bought me my FAVORITE flowers, and my favorite dessert. It was wonderful!!! My best friend from home came down for a visit which was amazing. And I got to hang out with the amazing Bacaks on my birthday after the watermelon fellowship. How great!!! It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make it so special. I know LOTS of work went into it.

Item #3. We had a parasite party for Julie!! She finally got better after getting rid of the parasite thing she picked up in Nica. We had a GREAT party to celebrate!! See pics below.

Item #4. I changed my major. This was a huge ordeal for me. But things are good now!! I was a Pre-K through 4 education major. Now my major is Educational Human Resource Development. I love it!! I am taking business classes which are GREAT and I don't have to take calculus again, which is a huge provision from the Lord. I am horrible at calculus. I had honestly taken it FIVE times and still couldn't get the C Elem. Edu. majors are required to have. With my new major the 5 D's I had earned were more than sufficient. I wish I had known this was an option YEARS ago, because if I had, I would have started out in this major, and I would still have the 3.75 GPR I had before I starting taking calculus so many times. If anyone has questions about this I would love to answer them. Now, instead of doing what would be basically two semesters of student teaching, I will do a ONE semester internship. I can do this internship ANYWHERE. Crazy huh? So now I am praying about where I need to be next fall to do the internship. We'll see what happens!!

So that is a recap of my August. I hope I didn't overwhelm you!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birdseed Fiasco

Okay, so good things come out of community, right? Of course, sometimes the good is just not what you expected.

Saturday night after church, me and the two roomies who were in town went out to dinner with four other LH girls. Shortly after beginning the meal, we decided that this was the perfect group of girls to start a prank war with. (We just didn't know how right we were!)

This is what we found outside mysteriously appeared during the night.

Gross huh? In case you're not clear on what you are seeing, there is a kiddy pool with blue raspberry jello and bird seed, along with copious amounts of syrup topped with even more bird seed. Let's just say it was a mess. But this mess was a good thing!

This yuckiness created an opportunity for us to meet our next door neighbors (who so graciously helped us clean it up!!) and tell them about LH!! So great!!

And of course, now we have the opportunity to "return the favor"!!! What will we think up next??!!

Things you probably won't see in TX...

I think I am going to start a series of post on things that I haven't experienced in TX but will in Boston. I may do some things that happen here in TX that don't happen in Boston...we'll see!!

Anyway, You won't find a sign like this in Texas ever, unless maybe you are living in Amarillo. Even then, I doubt it....A snow EMERGENCY doesn't that sound interesting? Think of all the snowmen waiting to be made. All the hot chocolate to drink. All the laundry you have to dry over and over again because walking through snow makes your pants and shoes wet....

Okay, so maybe a snow emergency isn't all glorious, but it definately has potential!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The sweetest thing I've heard lately....

This morning, as I was walking to class, I was pleading with God. I have felt so restless and unsettled over the internship decision. I have prayed and sought an answer with all that I am, and only the silence answered me back. I was so discouraged last night that I almost lost it on my way to HOPE group. My heart has been hurting over this so badly. So I was walking and pleading this morning, and I heard the sweetest thing. Wait. Just hearing that voice after searching so long in the silence was incredible. It really is like water in a barren land. It does give life. I still don't have the kind of answer I was looking for, but I have a "for now" answer, and that is good!! Isn't our God good?! I love that HE sustains us in everything. Even waiting.

Oh so funny!!

So I was sitting in the SCC yesterday, waiting for my test to begin, and I ran across this website!!!

So funny!!

Please go visit!! I promise you will laugh!! It was so great to read right before my test. Talk about stress relief!! I laughed so much the people around me thought I was nuts!!

Afterwards, I want to hear which one was your favorite!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Emma's Birthday!!

Happy 7th Birthday Emma!!

Sweet Girl, You are a joy to me!
I love that you are crazy about animals.
I love when we watch a movie and you want to be next to me.
I love that you are not afraid of creepy crawly things that freak me out.
I love your fearless heart. Oh that I could be more like that.
I love that I have practically no pictures of you because
you are NEVER still!! You have so much energy!!
Watching you grow is such a blessing!
You are so beautiful.
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Significant September Ski-doodles

Okay, I haven't written about August yet, but I already have to tell you about September. There have been several significant happens in the last 9 days...

1. I got out the Christmas music!!! (About 2-3 wks. earlier than normal...) On Wednesday I was craving Christmas music, so I got it out of the closet!! It was amazing. So beautiful. Bekah had a Christmas themed dance party and I sat and laughed at her and told her about some of the songs I love and why. We bonded over Christmas music. It was great fun.

2. After listening to music on Wednesday, I couldn't resist pulling out my Charlie Brown collection and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on Thursday night. I love that Linus just lays out the Word. I love that this is one movie that is correct in saying that Christmas isn't about the lights, or the gifts (contrary to popular belief), or the food; although those things are good. It is about Jesus!! What a great thing to be reminded of, especially by sweet Linus and his blue blanket. 3. After some extremely stressful moments, I found and "broke out" the much valued, highly treasured homemade hot chocolate mix tonight. It was great. I sat there holding the steaming mug and could just picture myself sitting on a couch (my couch!!) in Boston, wrapped in a blanket and watching the snow fall outside while drinking this incredible drink. Amazing (Such a Kodak moment in my brain)...the first "hot chocolate moment" of the season. Until....
4. I swallowed a fly. Every read the children's book "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"? That's how I felt. It was SO GROSS. I took a drink of my greatly beloved hot chocolate and felt something crunchy in my mouth. Something was wrong!! It was without a doubt the grossest thing that has ever happened to me. It was nasty, but at least my roomies got a laugh out of it. 5. I have restarted Gilmore Girls...I started with Season One, Episode One tonight while doing work stuff...So great!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not so much a question of if, as a question of when...

Okay, first I should say that LOTS of awesome stuff happened in August that I have yet to blog about. I have a lovely post it here sitting next to me reminding me what to write about....I promise I will fill you in on all of that great stuff soon.

Tonight, I just wanted to say that I am at a cross roads right now. I have to make a decision in the near future about exactly when to move to Boston. I am praying for explicity clarity and affirmation right now. I think I know which way this is going but I want to be sure. I would appreciate your prayers in this too. Thanks so much!!