Saturday, December 16, 2006


So the few days since Wednesday have been AMAZING!!! i LOVE being done with finals. There has been much shopping, girl time, reading (for pleasure) and even a pedicure (they are the best!!) This evening I baked cookies and that was fun. The funny thing is I don't want to eat the cookies, I just wanted to bake. I think in a bit I will take a bubble bath!! :)

Okay, so I did not realize that it was possible to exist as a female without ever getting a pedicure. In the last three days, I have had at least four friends tell me that they have NEVER, I repeat never, had a pedicure. I was amazed. I know other women will agree. For the men out there, let me fill you in. Getting a good pedicure is practically a transcedental experience. Pedicures, manicures, massages and bubble baths are essential life experiences, things that keep us sane in the middle of utter insanity...for thirty minutes, you get to drop everything and the world revolves completely around you. I do not for the life of me understand how you could make it to 21 or older without having ever gotten a pedicure. At the very least, didn't you go to a prom or something?! I just wanted to tell my friends to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment ASAP. Oh well.

Christmas will be here soon and I am so excited!! I love Christmas! I just wish it would snow...In a few years I will live somewhere snowy though, so it is okay. It's a Wonderful Life is on tv...I baked today and I am relaxed. It is good. I am going to wrap the last of my Christmas gifts...Have a great night.


Andrea Garcia Donoso said...

you are so optimistic I envy you a lil
It's nice to read thiongs like this in a while...ah! and never had a professional pedicure, but homemade and for sure they are really pleasent

aggie07 said...

Well, you should definately give a professional pedicure a is worth the time and the money. Thanks for the compliment, too!