Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer time!!

It is summer!! I love summer. At least most parts of summer. I don't so much care for the heat. I have really been loving that it hasn't felt like a Texas summer this year. (If you don't live in TX, trust me they are like sitting in an oven...really not pleasant...) I went to a baseball game last night, and not only did I not get even the least bit warm, I didn't even see any mosquitoes!! It was glorious. I have been loving the rain too. I can't get enough of it!!!

My summer checklist is almost completed:
  1. eat homemade ice cream
  2. explode LOTS of fire works...I LOVE THIS!!!!
  3. eat a snowcone
  4. go swimming
  5. eat a homemade (by my dad) hamburger
  6. move at least once (or three times.... )
  7. take lots of summer school
  8. have a birthday
  9. sleep late
  10. lots of reading for pleasure
  11. Watch some great movies
  12. Have a Gilmore Girls marathon!!
I have done 1-7...5 more to go!! Much fun!!
I think the highlight of my summer is that I have gotten to spend lots of time with the Bacaks and it has been amazing!! What was my life like before these amazing people?? I don't remember, but I know it wasn't nearly as great. I mean you gotta love those Bacaks!!

How cute are they??!! I hope you have had a great summer too!!

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Jennifer Bacak said...

Those are some cute kids of mine! Thanks for sharing our summer with us.