Monday, October 08, 2007

Operation Christmas Child Party

I love Operation Christmas Child!! I have a long history with this ministry. I did this every every year with a group of friends from the time I was12 until I graduated HS. Some really great memories. I have even gotten letters and pictures from kids who have recieved my boxes in the past. So sweet!!

So LHers, I am proposing that we have girls night on Saturday the 10th of November (after Saturday church)!! Let's get together, hang out, eat some yummy food, watch some great Christmas flicks and fill and wrap our boxes!! This will be great fellowship, I promise!! Just go the week before and get your stuff and bring a box. I will try and provide enough wrapping paper and tape for everyone, but if you have extra bring it!! You can leave your wrapped
box(es) & the $7.00 per box for shipping here, and I will take them all up to LH at once.

I will post more details later, but go ahead and spread the word. Everyone is welcome. RSVP here or email me so that I can make sure we have enough stuff and room for everyone.


Halei said...

I'm in!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Sounds good to me. Will you send an e-mail out to our whole HOPE group to let them know? That would be awesome! I love girls nights! We missed you at the salsa party!

Jennifer H said...

I'm in! I missed Salsa party, so I"m there for this one!

Amanda said...

Yay! This is great!! I am so excited!! If there is anyone else you know that you think would like to come, please invite them!!