Monday, October 29, 2007

Better late than never

I haven't posted anything in about three weeks. There are multiple reasons for this. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the OCC party that is next weekend (the 10th). Also, the World Series ended last night!! So, for the last three weeks, I have been avidly seeking out opportunities to watch the wonderful Red Sox. To be honest, I really pretty much rearranged almost all of my schedule, and sadly, missed some school stuff...Also, in that time, my Great-Grandmother died, so I made a last minute decision to go home to be with the fam for a bit.

Because I haven't posted, you have missed out on some fun stuff. We (Julie Faye and I) decorated/carved our pumpkins. I have pics and will post them soon. You will probably laugh. Friday, is a big day as we will be putting up the Christmas tree (so it will be up for the party, and because I really want to put it up anyway). I know you probably are saying it is a month too early (I have heard this 50 times from my neighbor.), but I disagree, and my roommates aren't complaining, so up it goes!! Yay!! I will also be posting pics of Friday's festivities ASAP.

Okay, now that the trivial stuff has been taken care of, I will get to the good stuff.

Today was Treston's Adoption!!!
This was such a beautiful thing to get to see!! I loved it. This beautiful boy ABSOLUTELY melts my heart, and I know what I was feeling was only a millionth of what Jenn and Rusty were feeling, but it was amazing. Such a good thing that God has done!! Now we have a Treston Jeremiah Bacak!! What more could you want??

Happy Fall!! I will have details about the party at HG tomorrow or I can email you directions etc if you need them!!


Jennifer Bacak said...

Yay Fall!
Yay Red Sox! (Just for you, Amanda.)
Yay OCC party coming up!
Yay Christmas trees!
And super Yay Treston Jeremiah Bacak!
Love you!!!!

Amanda said...

There are SO MANY things I love about the above comment! Here are my thoughts:
1. I so love fall!!
2. I love that Jenn cheered for the Red Sox. Proof of just how much she loves me.
3. Jenn used my word. Super. I super love that it is infectious.
5. I love having parties and what better reason to have one?
6. And finally, and most important, TRESTON!!