Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First, I must say, that it's finally acting like it might be winter. Amazing!!

So a new semester has commenced. I have an amazing class schedule, and am getting to pull out some new school supplies. (Gotta love sharpies and "fun" pens!) Today I got two new "supplies"... should have seen the happy dance I did when the FedEx guy knocked on my door. (I know he was freaked out by my random display of excitement.) For those of you who don't know about Sam Moon, or, go check it out!! This is the greatest place for super cute, super cheap accessories etc. I got these bags for $25.00 total I think. That is a great deal!!

The other exciting thing that I have to announce is that the RED SOX!!! will be playing the Rangers the weekend of my brother's wedding. Not only are my two favorite teams playing one another - which is great because I am happy no matter who wins (even though I love the Sox a little more) - but they are playing in Arlington. Which means that I could totally make at least one game if not two. (Three if I skipped the wedding, but that might be frowned upon. Then again, I might not even be missed...) How great is that? I am so excited!! Let's go Sox!!

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