Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In the midst of the storm...

So apparently, I have become one of those people who has a blog, and intends to post stuff, but never does. Probably because I am blog-stocking all of you. Great. But I am posting now, so Yay! (Jenn, you won't have to take my link off, because I am no longer an idle blogger...)

The last six weeks has been hard for me, and the Lord seems to just keep turning up the heat. (Not fun, but bring it Lord, teach me what you want me to learn and refine what needs to be refined.)

Last semester was so crazy busy for me, that I was desperately hoping to find rest and respite at home over the break. Instead, I had to grow up in an unexpected way. My grandmother, whom I love so much, was super sick for so long. It was a blessing to be able to walk through that hard time with her, and spend some time with her, but it was hard to see her hurting and to have our roles reversed.

With my time at home finally over, I came back to College Station looking to escape yet again. I keep looking for an escape and the Lord just keeps throwing things in my lap. So, while I can't give details, there are three very specific issues that I am in the midst of. I desperately need each of your prayers. Pray that the Lord would first and foremost, glorify himself in these things, and that His will would be accomplished. Please pray that I would have patience, love, no fear, gentleness, wisdom and clarity.

The Lord has reminded me time and again, that the circumstances themselves are insignificant. I just need to wait on him. He is ALL I need, my plentiful portion. Psalms has been such a comfort to me through this. I am clinging to the fact that he has ordained each of my days and the HE is hemming me in. What a beautiful thought in the midst of such a storm...

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Jennifer Bacak said...

As always, I'm praying for you. Your growth over the last year can hardly be measured! Imagine if you grow that much again this year!!! I'm so proud of you!!!