Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who knows?

Right about now, I should be studying, or doing my living by the book homework. So, of course I am finding it the perfect time to update the blog.

I just saw the pic of me and Treston. It's a good one (you have BEAUTIFUL kids Jenn!!), but it has been there for a while, so I should find a new one to put up. So for those of you who manage to sneak in pics of me when I don't realize it, let me know, so I can use one of those for the blog and for one of my classes too.

I was reading today in Deut. about how the Lord carried Isreal out of Egypt and through the desert like a father. Such a beautiful picture. I love all that I have been learning about what a biblical father/daughter relationship should look like. I Deut. 1:29:37, it talks about how the Lord was with Isreal, went before them, fought for them, and carried them through. How incredible! I love the imagery now that I have seen this acted out between a father and his children. (Thanks Rusty!)

What is scary is what comes afterward though. Isreal forgot all the things the Lord had done for them. The became ungreatful and uncontent. How often do I do that? How often do I forget all the Lord has done in my life, and begin to grumble and be discontent? (My roommates would probably say more than I would like to admit to.) I hate that. I want to work on having a thankful heart that remembers what the Lord has done for me, and that he has already provided all I need.

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Jennifer Bacak said...

I am amazed how we, like the Israelites, forget so easily what God has done for us!!! We're like Dori on Nemo. We have very short-term memories. We need to take some Ginko-Biloba or something. How do you spell that anyway?