Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aggie Baseball...

If you haven't read the title for this post, can you guess what happens on Friday at 6:30pm CST??

The Aggie Baseball Team will be playing their first home game of the year!! So exciting, and such cheap tickets...seriously, NO ONE should pass this up. I think I am going to try and convince my roomies and neighbors that going would have great health benefits....namely me not lamenting about how I wish I was there all the hopes that we could go as a group! We'll see how that approach goes I guess. :)


Jennifer Bacak said...

No one should pass this up...but me.
Baseball is way too long and slow for this girl. My family has tried to win me over my whole life. They are HUGE Astros fans, so you can start doing games with them Amanda. They'd love to have you along!

Amanda said...

Jenn, you are breaking my heart! Baseball games always fly by for me, and they are the best when you get to watch/attend with friends! I would totally love to go to the Astros with your fam anytime though, they are so fun!