Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has arrived!!!

Today, I saw the one thing that lets me know Spring has found it's way to Texas!! Oh the joy that welled up in my heart! These things make me want to dance. I love Bluebonnets. There are few things in life as fabulous as an extremely long drive on a sunny (but not hot!!) day with bluebonnets on the roadside and your sunroof open! (It is my firm belief that every car should have a sunroof. It should be the law!!) So yay for bluebonnets!! I love bluebonnets as much as I love snow and cold and fireworks and homemade ice-cream!! I know these things all seem to contradict, but I love them all!!
This picture is what it looks like ALL around my parent's house in the spring. It is absolutely lovely!! Happy Spring!

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