Friday, April 13, 2007

Gotta Love Those Weekends!!

I wish you could see me now. I am doing my "I am sooo happy I can sleep late tomorrow" dance!! I am sure this is a sight that would inspire much laughter...You know, I don't even mind that I have to spend my whole weekend and all my time until next Wednesday studying for a calculus test. I am just excited about not having an alarm clock...(aka my cell phone)...waking me up! I never fail to get ecstatic about this. It ALWAYS makes my day!! (Which is esp. great tonight b/c I had VERY little sleep last night.) Yay for weekends and sleeping late and then laying in bed!! Gotta love it!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something I love about being an Aggie. I love that every weekend during football season and some other important weekends through out the year, a magical event occurs. These events are lovingly referred to as a "tent sale". I know, for non-aggies, it sounds like a hick event. But, it isn't so much. I am so thankful that C.C. Creations does this. I love getting great Aggie shirts for SO cheap. This is especially great for someone who is trying to stock up on long sleeve Aggie t-shirts and sweatshirts before moving to a cold city far away from College Station. It is exciting. I am pretty sure I will have enough Aggie apparel to last for quite a while. So nice.

My last note of the day is this:
Hot off the Press!!! BOTH of my teams won tonight!! The Rangers beat Seattle 5-2 and the Red Sox beat the Angels 10-1. So exciting. I love my baseball!! Especially when we win. :) If you ever come visit me in Boston, I will take you to a Sox game (if they are playing and you care to go..) So to end this, good night and Go Sox!! Let's Go Rangers!!


Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful productive day today! I look forward to seeing you this afternoon! Weekends are amazing aren't they?! :)

aggie07 said...

Thanks! You are such an encouragement to me!!And yes, weekends ARE amazing!!