Monday, April 16, 2007

I think I'll go to Boston...

Today, I have talked to 5 people who are either going to Boston soon, or are very close to people who are. This makes me a bit sad. Sad because I am not going to Boston. Sad because I am not living in Boston yet. Sad that I have to take summer classes...

This happens to me every so often. Well, I have never had so many people say "I'm going to Boston!!" to me, but you know. I am happy for them. Boston is an incredible place. Such a beautiful city. So many wonderful things. At least for me. But, that could just be because I feel led to go there. When I get sad because I am not there now, I have to remember that right now I am called to be in COLLEGE STATION. (not Boston, yet). Right now God is teaching me things here. I can not tell you how many times he has said to me that this is a time of preparation...for whatever he has for me down the road...

So, when I get the Boston blues, I play the thankfulness game...
I am thankful for (in no particular order, and this is NOT an all inclusive list)

  • Sunshine
  • Bluebonnets
  • Flip-Flops
  • Friends
  • Getting to sit and hold sweet children in your lap
  • My new laptop which enabled me to write this!!!
  • Living Hope of course!!
  • Blue Coconut snow cones
  • Fun colored pens
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • music
  • books
  • the semester will be over soon
  • this summer won't last forever
  • I did not go to school today and get killed by some random man
  • watching baseball
  • MOVIES!!!
  • being an Aggie
  • candles
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Strawberry with Lime Trident Splash
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Netflix
  • blogging
  • that I have the world's GREATEST mentor!!! :)
  • Welch's makes Light grape nice
  • I have a God who loves me enough to refine me
  • My God has plans for me!!
  • Pajama parties
  • Someday I will be able to say that I will never have to take Calculus again!! (and, yes Jenn, I should be studying..)
  • I have a really cute pink cell phone
  • Gilmore Girls
  • great underwear
  • the incredible hair dryer!!
  • comfy pajamas
  • homemade hot chocolate mix
  • bottled water
  • that gas is not $5.00 a gallon
  • that there is a beautiful city called Boston that I will hopefully be living in about a year!!!

Okay so this is a small part of my list! What's on yours?


bekah said...

What a great reminder!

I am thankful for:

walks outside
Beautiful 60 degree weather
my amazing Hopegroup!!
that I am taking Her Hands right now, and that I don't have a boyfriend and that the Lord is teaching me so many good things!
for my parents
for my brother and his disabilities and imperfections that make him the most precious kid EVER
that Jesus bled and died for my stinky sins
Julie #2
Jenn Bacak
Lisa C.
Butch Smith
Mark Henry
Aaron Hendrick
my amazing Deacon family/mentor
Sylvia Robinson
that I have a job
that I have a wonderful house with wonderful roommates

and last, but not least (but not first either)
Sonic Coke


Jennifer Bacak said...

Wow, girls! These are cool lists. Especially since I'm on both of them. Thankfulness is good.
I am abundantly thankful for my life. For Jesus. For friends. For living in a college town where I get to hang out with you wonderful girls everyday! My husband, who is waiting for me to come to bed so I better wrap it up, and my children!!! They are so much fun!!!
My list could go on but it's late. I love you girls!