Tuesday, May 15, 2007

connecting to community...

At the end of her hands, Heather talked about leaving CS and LH and going somewhere without being sure there is a good church with strong community where you can be connected. I have been searching for churches in Boston. I know I still have a while before the move, but I decided I might as well start looking. I found a church in Boston called Church at the Gate. I have looked at their site a bit and it seems to be promising. I would appreciate it if you would look at their site too, http://www.thechurchatthegate.com/index.html at let me know what you think. If those of you whose opinions and wisdom I value think this is worth looking into further, I may email them to get some more information. I would like to go and visit the city again soon, and so I may visit this church then. I want your thoughts and wise counsel.


Halei said...

When are we having lunch?

aggie07 said...

Whenever is good for you, except Thursday cause I have a dr. appt right after lunch time on Thursday...let me know!!!

bekah said...


I am in switzerland todaz.

I get why u like boston now.

i get missions.

this is too cool for words.

thez dont live like americans here, you cant buy everything.

the european people are amazing, and i love how they dress.

how are yu

are u going to pass math

email me about life

miss u and i am so looking forward to living with u all in the fall

love bekah

aggie07 said...

I am glad your trip is going well. I am so glad you get it now. These people need someone to tell them how much Jesus loves them. And that they can have eternal life too. They need to know that someone (and hopefully many someones) love them. I can't wait to be that person who gets to show them Jesus.