Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birdseed Fiasco

Okay, so good things come out of community, right? Of course, sometimes the good is just not what you expected.

Saturday night after church, me and the two roomies who were in town went out to dinner with four other LH girls. Shortly after beginning the meal, we decided that this was the perfect group of girls to start a prank war with. (We just didn't know how right we were!)

This is what we found outside mysteriously appeared during the night.

Gross huh? In case you're not clear on what you are seeing, there is a kiddy pool with blue raspberry jello and bird seed, along with copious amounts of syrup topped with even more bird seed. Let's just say it was a mess. But this mess was a good thing!

This yuckiness created an opportunity for us to meet our next door neighbors (who so graciously helped us clean it up!!) and tell them about LH!! So great!!

And of course, now we have the opportunity to "return the favor"!!! What will we think up next??!!

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