Sunday, September 09, 2007

Significant September Ski-doodles

Okay, I haven't written about August yet, but I already have to tell you about September. There have been several significant happens in the last 9 days...

1. I got out the Christmas music!!! (About 2-3 wks. earlier than normal...) On Wednesday I was craving Christmas music, so I got it out of the closet!! It was amazing. So beautiful. Bekah had a Christmas themed dance party and I sat and laughed at her and told her about some of the songs I love and why. We bonded over Christmas music. It was great fun.

2. After listening to music on Wednesday, I couldn't resist pulling out my Charlie Brown collection and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on Thursday night. I love that Linus just lays out the Word. I love that this is one movie that is correct in saying that Christmas isn't about the lights, or the gifts (contrary to popular belief), or the food; although those things are good. It is about Jesus!! What a great thing to be reminded of, especially by sweet Linus and his blue blanket. 3. After some extremely stressful moments, I found and "broke out" the much valued, highly treasured homemade hot chocolate mix tonight. It was great. I sat there holding the steaming mug and could just picture myself sitting on a couch (my couch!!) in Boston, wrapped in a blanket and watching the snow fall outside while drinking this incredible drink. Amazing (Such a Kodak moment in my brain)...the first "hot chocolate moment" of the season. Until....
4. I swallowed a fly. Every read the children's book "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"? That's how I felt. It was SO GROSS. I took a drink of my greatly beloved hot chocolate and felt something crunchy in my mouth. Something was wrong!! It was without a doubt the grossest thing that has ever happened to me. It was nasty, but at least my roomies got a laugh out of it. 5. I have restarted Gilmore Girls...I started with Season One, Episode One tonight while doing work stuff...So great!!

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