Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad Day

Today, my day lived up to Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day". This morning was really good actually, apart from the huge hovering disagreement between my roommate and I. Then this afternoon after class, I step out of the elevator in the garage to walk to my car, and right in front of my car, a girl had just been hit. I mean JUST been hit. I got there before the UPD and the EMS...It was so scary. I watched them take care of the girl and fill out the reports, and finally, clean up all the bloody mess left behind...I sat and watched the driver of the car, crying hysterically, on the verge of a break down. It basically rocked my world. I have always harbored this illusion that I was safe on campus, maybe not anywhere else, but surely on the campus of Texas A&M University, I was safe. No harm could befall me there, right? Talk about shattering a dream....I am still overwhelmed by what I saw... And then to top it off, I find out we have "uniforms" to wear to work now...to work with kids...two shirts to last all week..Seriously. I don't know. I am just so overwhelmed by this afternoon. I sincerely wish tonight, that I was in a relationship, because I desperately need to be held. I want to cuddle and forget everything else. I want to leave school, and work, and mainly, freak accidents behind. I want to forget it all and just be close to someone I love.

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