Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rain is great!

I love rainy days! They are usually the best. (unless it means you must walk across all 5 miles of campus....which turns into mudfest...). Today is a rainy day. I got completely soaked running to my car after work. It was great. Granted, I am not in love with being totally soaked all the time, but when it is raining, its okay, as long as you can change quickly. Anyway, I am so excited about the rain I just wanted to share! I hope your day is as great as mine.

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Clyde said...

Love rain too.

It's like the mother earth is saying, "Hey my children, the meal is served!"

Rain is like the essence of life, grace fom heaven, so we can continue to live.

But since when we, the homosapien, started to run away from it? No other animal treats rain as fearful as us.

Next time try to walk in the rain and maybe we can all see something we had forgotten long time ago