Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have had this on my mind all week. I am not good at this. I struggle with this. I am not accustomed to being intimate with people. I have maybe three friends that I know intimately. I dislike this. I know this is wrong and doesn't make God happy. I want to change this, but since I am so bad at it, I don't know how to be intimate. I hate feeling transparent and exposed. So, I am inviting you into my life. Please, get to know me. I need you to. If you make an effort to do this and I look like I ate a worm or I have something slimy climbing around inside me, it is my intense discomfort which means you are doing a great job! For so long I have been okay with being alone. God says no more!! It is so easy for me to shut myself off literally and figuratively. I live mostly alone and have mastered putting up a facade. Help me tear these down!! I want my life to glorify God and I can't do that in isolation.

And, NO, that is not me in the picture...last time I checked, I was not a boy...


bekah said...

I'm excited about what the Lord is doing in your life.

PS I owe you money for the concert and the Sabrina movie back!

Lets get krunk,

Jennifer Bacak said...

I am doing my best to rip all these walls down, Amanda! Your life is changing forever through what God is teaching you. When you want to crawl back into your shell, fight the urge! You are embarking on friendships and intimacy with believers the way God intended!

aggie07 said...

Jenn, I cannot tell you how thankful for the time I have had with you and your family. I am so greatful for all you have invested in my life. You have blessed me abundantly!! Thank you!!