Monday, March 19, 2007

Termination of Spring Break and day 54...You have got to be joking...

As of today, spring break is just a memory...sad day. I was taking a nap this afternoon when my roommate and her live-in-whatever-he-is walked in. Normally this is enough to make me frown. Today I wanted to cry. I wake up to the sounds of them talking about buying a dog. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against dogs. Keeping Disney last week was delightful. It was great companionship....You must understand though, that my roommate already has a cat. A sadistic, evil, horribly behaved cat. I think this cat has a good heart but b/c my roommate ignores it, the cat has resorted to evil ploys for attention. And now they are going to get a dog?!! Please tell me they are just kidding. But no. They set there talking about the $600.00 they are going to spend on this dog and all the things they need to buy for it. My roommate isn't responsible enough with her money to pay her bills...much less pay them on time. Where are they getting this dog money from? Secondly, who is going to be taking care of this dog? Let me assure you that if it yeps in the middle of the night I will be really peeved. So now I am just praying that God will bring me out of this lease with my sanity intact and all in one piece. 54 more days to go and I already feel like I am about to fall apart. Please pray that I make it through this.

Also, please pray that I will have a more Godly attitude!!

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