Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break!!!!

It is Spring Break!!! Whoop for that! I cannot tell you the joy this brings to my heart. A whole week away from the craziness of textbooks, tests, mean professors, pointless assignments....the whole educational experience. I must admit that I do miss having a routine, but it was OH SO NICE to lay in bed (almost) all morning. Not having to get up and go to work and then class means that tomorrow I can sleep late and then go visit Target and other fun errands! What a nice change. I am so thankful for this break. I got to go to the library yesterday!!! I was so excited. Reading is my passion, but I can't allow myself the luxury during semesters because I will put off doing important things to read for pleasure. I can not tell you how nice it was to walk into the library and know that I really did have time to read books, and that I didn't have to walk in feeling guilty or drive by dreaming about all the lovely books inside that I am not reading. This is so much better! On top of all this greatness, I have gotten to spend some time with the fabulous Bacaks, which has been great. Oh yeah, I got to go home and see the parents and one of my brothers too. Spring Break is the greatest!!!

P.S. I hope your break was good too!


Jennifer Bacak said...

We Bacaks were THRILLED to have time with you this Spring Break too!!!

aggie07 said...

You were definately the highlight of my break!!!