Sunday, March 25, 2007


God is soo good! I have been praying about where to live next year and who I should live with. I have been asking for great roommates. Jenn has been praying too! Guess what happened Friday night??!! I was laying down with Jax and Emma watching cartoons when my phone rang....and it was Julie. We love Julie. Julie was calling to ask me if I wanted to live with her and the other Julie and Bekah next year!! Yay! I was so excited. I love these girls!! It will be great to have good roommates who love the Lord and are seeking His will in their lives. I am so excited about this! What a huge blessing. What a huge answer to prayer!!


Halei said...


I'm so happy for you!! i love to hear these stories and give God the glory!! How amazing that all we need to do is pray and it'll be taken care of :o)

bekah said...

I am so excited too!!

Praise the Lord.

My heart's desire is to live with girls who fear the Lord!

I can't wait to bake, and have slumber parties EVERY night and watch moviesss!


aggie07 said...

I know Bekah!!! I can't wait either!! It will be SO great. And, there will be an abundance of baking, movies and other fun things :)

bekah said...


When we vote for houses, I vote this one, because I like the blue shutters.

aggie07 said...

LOL!!I love how green and maintaince(sp?) free the lawn is...and the fire place (there is a chimney)but I doubt we would use in Texas much...besides it might melt the plastic :)

bekah said...

MM.. getting stuff done.. not my forte. But as Heather says, and is truly my sincere hope, I hope that all of you girls look more like the Lord after you live with me, AND can still stand me when its over. Ha.

We need to watch Jane Austen movies together 24/7.

P & P is my new favorite book.
Talk about a beautiful courtship!

He is SO amazingly worthy,

Jennifer Bacak said...

I love Pride and Prejudice!!! I totally love Jane Austen. How typically girly are we? I have a daughter named Emma, and that's not a coincedence. It was NOT a Friends inspiration! (It was pre-Friends, anyway.)It was a Jane Austen inspiration.
What a fun house you girls are going to have! I have so been praying for this. Good memories that you will have forever will be made. Friendships built on the good!
Love all four of you!

aggie07 said...

I am so loving the Jane Austen theme!! She is by far my favorite author. Her books are the best!! There will definately be much movie watching!! (except when I am at the amazing Bacaks of course...)

Jenn, you are amazing and I can not tell you how thankful I am for all of your prayers for me. You bless me abundantly. As for Emma, I love her and her namesake is such a great one!Love ya!

Julie said...

So I just posted a comment and it got lost in the black hole of cyberspace! It said something along the lines of feeling so blessed to know beautiful people like you!!! :) It's true! You're oh so beautiful!