Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last Night's Gilmore

I don't know if you watch Gilmore Girls, but I must tell you I love that show. It is so much fun. My favorite episode is in season 5. I think that is my favorite season by far. I don't know though, six was really great too... Anyway, if you watch Gilmore girls, you are probably aware that this season has been some what of a let down...I am sad that Amy Sherman Pallidino (sp?) left. In Rory terms...Sad. However, last nights episode was DELIGHTFUL!! Now, this could be because I came home and watched it after a long, grueling test. It could be because I just really wanted to see some new Gilmore...(Whatever will we do when the show ends and there is no new Gilmore to be found??!!) But, I don't think this was the case. I was very pleasantly surprised by how good this episode was. And things went really well. There was some tension, if you watched, you know what I am talking about, (I don't' want to spoil it for Jenn, even though she won't see it for at least another year probably...) Anyway, I was suprised that they didn't save the resolution until next week's episode. I know Amy would have. But I liked the way it ended. However, I was sad that they used a new person for Mia. That made me sad.

I have to say though, that I wish Rory and Logan knew Jesus. I think they are a great couple and I really love their characters, but I would love them so much more if they loved Jesus. (I have to give Lorelai points for arguing for the Bible in last weeks episode, although she could have easily argued anyother religion with the same stance....) I wonder what Gilmore Girls with Jesus would look like....I think it would be funnier. It would be more applicable to me for one thing. And then people would see how much fun people who love Jesus really have. Rory and Lorelai would probably have more fun too, since they couldn't worry about anything since it is a sin...I hope there is a Gilmore Girls showing in heaven.....Basically, I just love Gilmore girls!

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