Friday, July 07, 2006


So I took the day off today and it has been great so far!! I slept late, showered, did lunch with a friend, now I am watching some old school tv and then I might take a nap. After that maybe I will work on packing, but maybe not. Then I am going to babysit. Normally this would be a good end to a great day. I am not so sure about tonight. I am babysitting someone I haven't sat for before and I am afraid she might be a terror. So I am going to have a perfect day and then go off and do battle. Unfortunatley it won't be the perfect end to the perfect day, but at least I will get paid well for this. However, next weekend, I get to spend time with my favorite kids. :) I am taking Cami to the park one day next weekend and then sometime I will be keeping her and Gage so Steve and Wendy can go out. Okay, so this may be really wierd, but although Cami and Gage aren't technically mine, I love them like they are. Until I met Cami, I knew I loved kids, but I didn't know you could love anyone that much. She is awesome. And then Gage was born and I spent so much time taking care of him and although I love him in a different way, I still love him just as much as I love Cami. I have so much fun with them. I think I am beginning to understand what being a parent really is. You want the best for them, and even when they are at the worst, you love them unconditionally, no matter how frustrated you become. I know that moving so far away from Cami and Gage will be the hardest part of moving across the country. But anyway, I will love coming to see them and having them come to see me. I hope that your Friday is as amazing as mine has been. Have a great weekend!

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