Friday, July 14, 2006


Hey!! How was your day? Mine was a bit...crazy. Therefore I stayed in tonight to "recooperate". Which turned out not too bad b/c TCM is doing a "special" on movies about inner-city kids. I just watched Blackboard Jungle for the first time. It was very beneficial and mood lifting. Sometimes when I think about teaching in an inner-city school, I feel plauged by doubt about whether or not I will be able to successfully teach my students. I wonder, will I be effective? I hope so. I want to help my students, help them to be great people, to not just take the easy road, but to take the high road, the right road. But, knowing that if it is God's will that I be there, He will enable things to work out. Blackboard Jungle was a reminder that it can be done. Teachers can be successful in inner city schools. They just have to truly care and be willing to stay the course, to not give in or give up. Teaching in Boston will certainly be different from anything I have ever experienced. In so many ways. But I am soo excited about it. Anyway, have a great night!!

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