Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Favorite Quotes

"Aww Man" (with hanging head) - Jace upon being told he would have to leave the center if he couldn't keep his inside voice.

"potato head doesn't eat you."
-monica in reference to one of the kids trying to eat mr. potato head pieces...

"now, sir, are you animal, vegetable, or mineral?" - the magician's nephew

"hold on, let me think of something funny!!" - beth

"I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met." Dermot Mulroney in the Wedding Date

" I could more easily forgive his pride if he had not wounded mine." Elizabeth Bennet from the movie

Me: "Who's Cameron are you?"
Cameron: "Manda's Cameron! :) "

Cameron (imitating me) again: "Wash, wash, wash"
and again "we sit on our bottom".

Today (Valentine's) Cameron walked up to me and said "Happy Valemties Day. Are you my Valemtine?"

A preschooler to another preschooler in an Aggie outfit:
"Are you a Texas A&M girl?"

A conversation between me and a little girl at school:
"My balloon popped"
Me: Why did it pop?
"Because the air came out"

"I went to the dentist and he put lots of seals in my teeth, but not the kind that go "arf arf""

"I love you." - Cameron :)

"Night Manda" - Cameron

Ok, so cameron was walking down the hall with her mom and saw me and waved. They went into her class for a minute and when the came out i had gone into the breakroom. I hear, from down the hall, "she must be missing, ms. amanda is missing!" So I stuck my head out and she was so excited to see me again which made the day worth all of the effort i have exerted!! Let me tell you, when Cam smiles the world lights up. It is incredible.

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