Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What then???

Today, in one of my classes, my professor came in upset. Apparently someone in my class has made some accusations that are completely off base. Stupid things like claiming we were given 4 walks, when really we've only had one. The fact that this one walk was due to intense illness on the part of my professor apparently was of no consequence. Due to these pathetic "charges" my professor is in trouble. She is really a great prof and does her best to teach us what we need to know with out boring us to death. I can't imagine why anyone would complain. If you have been to college, you know that most people are ready to get out of class ASAP. Especially if the class lasts for three hours. I am thankful that I have profs who understand that and try to keep the class as unboring and relative as possible. I don't comprehend how the person could have benefited from sending these unfounded emails out. Why be so mean?

I think I am so concerned about this because I have chosen to become a teacher myself. I know that I might, and probably will, have to deal with parents and maybe students like these. This breaks my heart. Why should people create issues where there are none? Why persecute someone just because you don't like them or their personality? Maybe this is some sort of profession prejudice...It scares me that I can do all that can possibly be done for students and still have parents say that I don't do my job correctly or that I am not doing my job at all. What do you do then? "Teacher instinct" says self evaluate, get peer evaluations and if everything is right forget it and move on; if it isn't, fix it and move on. I know that that isn't always good enough in the real world. What do you do when it isn't enough? When you have poured all of yourself into something completely and it isn't enough, isn't good enough, what then? This scares me to death. I think that that is my biggest fear in regard to teaching; the fear that I won't be enough, won't be effective enough for my students. That I will in some way fail them as an educator, as a protector, as someone who truly has their best interest at heart. What if I am not enough?

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