Monday, August 27, 2007

The end of summer, the beginning of school and 10 reasons you wished you lived in the super cute apartment!!

School started today, so of course there must be a post about it. I thought I would make a list of all the great things about our apartment, to start the year off right. I hope your first day went well, or goes well when it gets here. So here's a list of some wonderful things about our apartment:
1. I live with three sweet ladies
2.We have actually "argued" over who got to do the dishes....
3. EVERY night is movie night
4. You never know what craziness will happen next
5. We throw awesome parties, and everyone wants to come
6. We get to use our apartment to bless other people
7. Today, for the first time ever, I thought, "hmm, I going to be home alone for a while weird." I was sad that one not a one of my wonderful roomies will be here.
8. We are know as the "facts of life girls" by the wonderful family named Bacak
9. We pray for each other every day
10. We write fun little notes on all the mirrors!!
Bonus: We get to have REAL community every day (this is greater than I could have imagined)

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Jennifer Bacak said...

I am SO SUPER PROUD of you! This is a big deal, and I am so glad God pushed you into experiencing real community. You are growing, and it's good.