Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Super Cute Apartment Pt 3

After the paint dried, I was finally able to start moving my stuff in. This was the first time I have ever moved and not had everything moved in and COMPLETELY unpacked in one day. This time it took four days. FOUR DAYS. Insanity. I was completely out of my element. I felt like I had lost my mind. HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOVE IN STAGES.

I have been waiting for my new comforter to be delievered and to hang pictures!!! I will have pics of the finished product soon!!! I will have pics of our cute Bathroom and the rest of the house too when it is done!!


jessica said...

hey! thats totally cool that you linked me! do you think that i could have your e-mail address?i totally want to keep in contact with you! my e-mail is! thank you so much for hanging out with me!

Jennifer Bacak said...

The apt. is really coming along. When are all you girls going to have me over for lunch?

Amanda said...

Jenn!!! That sounds so fun!!! Let's try for a day next week!!