Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Super Cute Apartment Part 1

In case you haven't heard I moved recently (the roomies are coming)!! It has been interesting in many ways so far. I thought I would share the process of moving in with these sweet girls. Last Thursday I moved my stuff in the rain. All of it. I was wet and scary looking. My sweet brother came to help me move the big stuff. I was so thankful for his help!! The electricity and water were supposed to be on when I got there. Guess what??!! They weren't! So we dumped my stuff in the living and dining rooms (where ended up completely full of my stuff) so that I could paint before moving my stuff to my room.

Seriously there was stuff EVERYWHERE. It was craziness. My well organized, order centered mind did not know how to handle the chaos that was this mess of stuff. When we got done moving things inside (and out of the rain) I realised that there was going to be no utilities that night. Which meant Jenn and Rusty so graciously housed me one more night. (Thanks so much Jenn!!) Friday I came ready to paint!! But alas, there was still no electricity or water...After some mess trying to resolve the issues, I had electricity at about 10:30 and water at about 2. So nice. I was so happy that I could go potty at my own house!! And wash my hands too of course!!

Okay, I will save the rest for now, but the next post is about PAINTING!!! (and getting stuff actually INSIDE my room...)

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Jennifer Bacak said...

I hope things are coming along! I haven't heard from you since Monday, so you must be buried under boxes and paint. Hope you're alive!