Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! It has been a great year so far. I haven't worked, I have seen my babies (which technically was work, but didn't seem like it), my Dad finally caved and got his own cell phone (YEA!!!), i have had lots of fun with my new camera, i have had several days of gilmore girl marathons (i got seasons 1 through 5 for Christmas), and tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend! Life is good. Tomorrow after lunch I think I will go and take pictures around campus and maybe other parts of town...Exciting. I am so excited about Boston. I am hoping to go over Spring Break with a friend. Can't wait. I will definately start scrapbooking after that...since I have put it off for about 5 years....This semester will be interesting. Hopefully it will end well. That is all I ask. That and that the summer end well also. After that it will all be down hill! Last night I was watching Gilmore Girls (gg) and it was thought provoking. I think one of the reason I love gg so much is that it lines up with my life a lot. Rory and I are the same age and some what on the same track. It is like seeing myself, my life, my world on the tv screen. I was watching the season three finale last night and thinking back to the night when I first watched that episode. The night that it premiered...It was weeks before my own graduation. I remember thinking "we're done" "it's over" and "Thank God that I finally finished" and I did thank God. Reliving that was nice. I thought for so long that high school would never end. But, it did. I have been feeling for so long that college will never end, but it will. Thank goodness. And I finished high school. In my world that is not a big deal (I mean I don't think I have even ever looked at my diploma)...it is like finishing kindergarten. Everyone does it and everyone expects it of you. Not doing it is not a possibility. It is simply a small stepping stone to what is coming next. But last night I realized how many people never get the chance to achieve that. And how many people are given the chance but just choose not to. So I am thankful for that small accomplishment. At least I have achieved something in my life. You know, so many people told me I would wish to be back in high school when I told them I couldn't wait for it to be over. I never have. I doubt that I ever will. And now, as so many people are telling me the same things about college, I wonder, will I miss this? What will I miss? I wouldn't want to skip high school, but I don't want to repeat it, and I think there is little, if any that I would change. It all brought me to where I am today. Looking back at my three and a half years of college thus far, I don't see anything I would really change either...Each of those experiences, even the painful ones, are shaping me, forming me. And, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. All that I can say about that is WHOOP!!

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