Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost Puppy Story...

Okay, so today has been random... but AMAZING!! I got up early and went to go see my advisor, and PRAISE THE LORD, finally got all my stuff for this semester worked out!! Yea!! Then I went to get my oil changed, which only took about thirty minutes. Yea again. So the guy that helped me at the dealership was apparently really new. I felt sympathy for him. He so had the "lost puppy dog" feel about him. It was kind of cute, but I felt kind of bad for him too. He was soo eager to please and make a good impression and show that he really knew his stuff. I felt bad because he was working so hard. I mean he was practically bending over backwards to do everything right. I am so thankful that we do not have to be perfect. None of us could ever attain that standard. I just hope things go well for Matt in his new job. He has done a great job so far. I went to go get a snow cone and then went to the park to swing and eat it (simultneously!!) and it was great. Afterwards, I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed the beautiful day. It was so amazing just to be quiet before God. Today has been a complete blessing and I am so thankful. On that note, GIG EM!!

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