Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weather, School and Wonderings....

This is the final weekend before reality kicks back in....hmm. The weather is finally wintery (there is currently only nine degrees difference in the temp here and in Boston :) ) which is great. It is supposed to become more intense until sometime on Wednesday...which leads me to ponder the possiblilty (or honestly, the hope) that school will be closed on Tuesday...I guess we will just have to see what happens.

So this week has been good for me. I am finally having a sense of accomplishment. I feel like the effort I have put into school is starting to come together, and that I am getting close to the end. Praise the Lord. I have been studying Ester again recently, and I can't escape the knowledge that I am being prepared for something. I am called to be used "for such a time as this". It has been a blessing to see that things that I never thought I would care for become important and valuable to me. I always assumed that I would teach in suburbia for two, maybe three years, get married to an extremely successful man, and spend the rest of my life being the best wife and mother possible. Now, I have a growing passion for inner-city education. I still want the other things, the marriage, the family, but now, for this time, I am being prepared to teach. I look forward to it. But, I have also learned to enjoy this time of preparation. "Preparation and transformation lead to elevation and a passage to purpose." For that I am thankful.

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