Saturday, February 24, 2007

100th Post!!! and Supermoms :)

YEA!!!! This is my 100th post. That has got to warrant some kind of celebration, I am just not sure what...How exciting that you have been blessed with the ability to read 100 entries worth of my thoughts. You should jump up and down and do the happy dance! I am excited!! I love blogging. It is so much fun, especially since so many of the wonderful people I love are blogging too. This is just too cool.

Anyway, on to my real purpose for writing. Halei, I told you this WOULD be posted on the blog. Here it is....I wish I had a tape recorder of this conversation, because if I did, I would just type up the transcript for you to read. You would probably picture Halei and I sitting at our little table in the restarant (is that misspelled?) talking about this and laugh. I am pretty sure if anyone else had been in the room, they would have thought we were insane...

So tonight, after church Halei and I decided to go and have dinner. So we talked about A LOT of things. Work (we are cowokers!), school, discipline problems at work, uninvolved parents, how much we love Living Hope, etc, etc. Then we got to the important (at least for this post) part of the conversation.

We started talking about how much we LOVE our mentors and how great they are. We talked about how getting to be involved with their families is such a HUGE BLESSING. We decided that BOTH OUR MENTORS ARE SUPERMOMS. They are amazing. (Jenn, I love getting to learn from you, you amaze me.) We talked about how cool it is to see their families seeking God's will above all else, and that because of this, everything seems to fall into place. Halei and I decided that we are supermoms-in-training, or at least that is our desire.

So, Jenn, thank you for holding the Bacak School of Supermom Training! Thank you for letting me come into your home and your life and learn from you. I know you are impacting the future of my marriage and my role as a (super)mom. Thanks!!


Jennifer Bacak said...

Wow. There are a million days I feel like anything BUT a superMom. I could find other words to describe the kind of Mom I feel on those days. But I am so blessed to know that you enjoy your time with us doing the MOST BORING things, and ALWAYS cooking (because that's what we do when you come over...that and fold laundry.) You are a servant to us, Amanda, and we feel like we are getting the good end of this deal.
Can I wear a cape?

aggie07 said...

Super Jenn, Yes!!! you should definatley get a cape! Maybe Jax will share one of his with you. (Or maybe you should get a pink sparkly one with SuperMom written on it) However, you might want to consider the choking hazard this might pose to you when Justus tries to climb up your body.I would hate to learn that you suffered due to my support of the cape. Have a great day!! See you tonight!