Thursday, February 22, 2007

Apartment Shopping...

This weekend I am apartment shopping! I am so excited. I can not tell you how excessively lovely it will be to have my own stuff back. This year I am living with someone who already had apartment stuff...or at least that is what I was lead to believe...I mean she has furniture...but our kitchen stuff is sorely lacking (at least I have my own bed and bath stuff...). I can not wait to have my own kitchen stuff back!! I have more kitchen stuff than some people who have been married for 10 years do. I have a lot of stuff...I can't wait to have it back!! It will be nice to come home, and feel like I am at home, not like I am in someone else's home. It will be so nice to not feel like I can only occupy my bedroom. It will be nice to have a bedroom that won't fit under a microscope...I am excited. This will probably be my last move in College exciting!! Although, I realized today, for the first time, that I will miss College Station. It has been such a great place to go to school. I am thankful for the time I have been given here and the amazing people I have been blessed to know here. :)

P.S. If you have any suggestions at where to look for housing for next year, let me know, I am defianately interested in suggestions!!

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Halei said...

If you're looking for a townhouse type of place Waterwood is building new sections...its a pretty cool place to live :o)

I'm so amazed by this blogging world!! I'm glad you found me! I'll see you Sunday!!