Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh the JOY!!!

Yea!! I am done with both of my tests!!! Two tests in one day can be rough...Just a second it sounds like my roommate is grinding up silverware in the disposal. Grr...Oh my...I just realized that Gilmore Girls just ended, and I forgot to record it!! HELP!!!!!!!! If you or ANYONE you know recorded it and would be kind enough to share I would appreciate it immensely. Especially since this was a HUGE episode apparently. I hope you had a good day!!


bekah said...

I want to watch it with you!!!

call me!

I'll be your Rory and you be my Paris??

I don't watch it much.

Miss you!

<3 Bekah

aggie07 said...

I would love that, unfortunately I think I am just going to have to miss that episode b/c I can't find anyone who recorded it. I am so not a Paris, or at least i strive not to be...She is so high strung...But, I will be your Lane. Or you could be Lane you are such a cool music loving person. I think you would get alone well with Lane. I don't think I am studious enough to be Rory either though...I am not sure who I am... :) Miss you too.