Monday, February 12, 2007


Yea!! Valentines is two days away. :) My Valentines came early though.

This morning I got these beautiful pictures of Cami and Gage whom I love SO much. The best gift they have ever given me, and they have given me some REALLY GREAT gifts!

But, the best came this afternoon. If you know me very well, you know that my Dad and I haven't always had the best of relationships. It has gotten some better since I moved to College Station, praise the Lord!

Every year since I moved to College Station, my dad has sent me beautiful flowers for Valentines. I can not tell you how much I value these flowers. To me, these flowers really do say, or affirm "I love you." They say what so often I haven't heard. Yes, I am getting teary. I love that my dad does take the time to pick out such beautiful flowers for me. The picture doesn't do them justice! I love that my dad picked these out with me in mind. I love that my dad loves me enought to buy me beautiful flowers, to have my mom call and find out my schedule, so that these beautiful flowers can be delivered while I am at home. These flowers aren't normal; these flowers are special. They say "No matter what is going on, I love you enough to send you flowers and I want to let you know that. " Yea!

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