Friday, February 09, 2007


So it is finally Friday!!! Yea!! Tonight Julie and i went grocery shopping and got the stuff to make "homemade (from a kit)" chili!! And we are now watching Pride and Prejudice!! Gotta love the girly movies. So we are going to do this and then the Pride and Prejudice series tonight and finish them tomorrow. How fun. I love chili. I am so excited. This is the first time I have made it on my own. My mom always makes it for me. It is certainly one of my comfort foods. Tomorrow should be great too. I am keeping the lovely Bacaks! And then I am going home to take and nap before Julie and I hang out and finish the P&P series and head to church. On Sunday I get to sleep late!!! Praise the Lord!! Then of course there is Her Hands that evening and I am sure that I will fit some homework and studying in there somewhere. I am soo incredibly thankful that the weekend is finally here. I hope that yours is wonderful!! :)

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