Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Scientific Discovery!!

Just in, you are surely going to want to know what I read in my Biology book this afternoon!! According to the 'highly intelligent' people who put this book together, "crocodiles seem to be more closely related to birds than to other reptiles." Yes, I have seen MANY crocodiles floating around covered in feathers. Wait, crocodiles have teeth, right? (Most) Birds don't. Birds have wings, and what? That's right, crocodiles DON'T!

Even better, "fungi seem to be more closely related to animals than plants." That, my friend, seems to be like saying, yes, this is a tree, but no it is not related to any other plant life, because, don't you know, it is related to the non-existent space aliens. Yes, it is one of their long lost children.

Seriously, why am I paying $750.00 to be fed crap like this?? Are these people just trying to think of something to start some conversation? I just want to go ask them what hit them upon the head today, or when the last time they feel and broke their brain was.

Jenn, if you happen to read this, please promise not to teach these ridiculous things to Emma and Jax. I would hate to see them confused. Especially since Emma love animals so much.


Jennifer Bacak said...

These are just the kind of facts my kids would love. Anything to do with animals really. They eat it up. They love to watch crocodile hunter so much- we don't have the heart to tell them what happenned to Steve Irwin. Every episode, Emma has to see the end to see if he's "okay." How sad is that?

aggie07 said...

Aww!! When she does find out, she will be crushed. She has such a sweet heart, and loves animals like no one i know. What a blessing! You have been blessed with some awesome children Jennifer Bacak!!